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Discover the cheapest and busiest night markets in Bangkok

by Victoria

Bangkok (Thailand) is a city with an extremely bustling nightlife, visitors here can experience a lot of dining and shopping at extremely low prices. Each market has popular to high-end items for you to enjoy shopping.

Characteristics of night markets Bangkok – Thailand

The feature of the Thai night markets is that they are mainly active at night, usually starting after 3pm and ending quite late (past midnight). In addition, the night market opens mainly for visitors to visit, eat and shop for consumer goods such as clothes, ready-to-eat food, fabrics, souvenirs, and rarely sell meat, fish and seafood Fresh produce like other traditional markets.

The night market in Bangkok has all kinds of goods such as fashion, shoes, jewelry, handicrafts, electronics, home appliances, antiques and exotic items, the prices are also very affordable. . In particular, the atmosphere here is very noisy, noisy, the stalls are sold on the street or gathered in an area with many small stalls. The scale of the night market is large, from 1 hectare to tens of hectares, concentrating thousands of different stalls.

cho dem o bangkok soi dong sam uat

List of night markets in Bangkok with cheap prices, diverse goods

Chatuchak Night Market

Chatuchak is a very famous night market in Thailand. This market sells all kinds of goods from clothes, bags, cosmetics to small and beautiful handmade items. Chatuchak Night Market has a large area with more than 8000 different stalls. To visit all the markets, you have to take a few hours. In particular, the street food here is very attractive, if you have the opportunity to travel to Thailand, do not forget to visit Chatuchak night market!

chatuchak la cho dem o bangkok noi tieng

Khao San Night Market

Khao San is a name very familiar to tourists as well as locals. This market has a variety of goods and places to eat and drink, you can eat and drink and shop freely at the restaurants here.

khao san la khu cho dem o bangkok

The prices of clothes, jewelry, shoes, and souvenirs at Khao San market are very cheap, there are many items of Thai culture that you can buy as gifts for relatives. If you have gone through the night market, you can visit popular bars such as Brick Bar, Hippie de Bar to go through the night.

check in cho dem o bangkok

Chatuchak Friday Night Market

True to its name, this night market is only open and open every Friday night. Although open only one evening a week, this night market is extremely popular. The market is 11ha wide with 15,000 different stalls, there are all the frequencies you want to find, including rare and exotic items. In addition, there are many massage parlors in the market to help you relax, discharge tress, the price is about 100 – 150 baht / person / time (about 45 minutes each).

khu cho dem o bangkok co nhieu mon an ngon

Chang Chui Night Market

The reason that the night market is called Chang Chui is because there is an old Airbus aircraft in the middle of the market. This is also the identification and special point of this night market.
If you are a lover of the new, disruptive or like street fashion, you can come here to shop. Not only clothes, shoes, the market also has many bars, eateries, and uniquely designed milk tea shops to help you have many “virtual living” corners here.

  • Location: 462 Sirindhorn Rd, Bangkok, Thailand.
chang chui cho dem o bangkok doc dao

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