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Discover a soothing Mae Hong Son while traveling in Thailand

by Victoria

Mae Hong Son is a province in the north of Thailand and also the westernmost province of this country. The fascinating land of Mae Hong Son bordering Thailand – Myanmar is famous for many small, gentle and very peaceful towns.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Thailand, go to the capital Mae Hong Son on a warm sunny morning, in the mind of a person enjoying the mountains and rivers in a remote place of the Golden Temple country. The province is located among many ridges and has a cooler climate than other parts of Thailand.

Mae Hong Son loop – Beautiful, dangerous pass

There is no direct flight from Bangkok to Mae Hong Son, so when you land in Bangkok, you take a flight to Chiang Mai city, then take the bus for 6-7 hours to reach Mae Hong Son (or you can catch domestic flights from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son).

Many people said that Mae Hong Son’s “specialty” to entertain visitors from all over the world is just the famous steep, winding mountain pass with about 1,864 dangerous turns. But if you are lucky enough, you may encounter clusters of wild anemones in full bloom, dazzling gold throughout a majestic mountainous region.

In the middle of that road, you have the opportunity to visit the romantic town of Pai (about 3 hours from Mae Hong Son). The beautiful small street in the town is full of garden cafes, bars, groceries, restaurants…

The quiet, poetic village lying between the clouds and the mountain is clear, gentle and simple and has “addictive” many tourists. And of course, in the middle of that mountain town, nothing is more wonderful than enjoying a cool bottle of beer in the suppressing music of seductive jazz. And when night falls, the whole town shines under shimmering golden lights, making people’s hearts warm in the cold that cuts the skin of the mountain town. 

Meet KayyyWild – An adventure travel YouTuber – who just completed the trip at Mae Hong Son. “If you are wanting to travel to Thailand, ride a motorbike or just looking for some adventure, I am here to introduce you to the Mae Hong Son loop!” – he said.

Here are some suggestions and experiences of KayyyWild in Mae Hong Son

“The Mae Hong Son loop, sitting in the northern province of Mae Hong Son (Thailand) one of the BEST roads in the country. The route typically begins in Chiang Mai, continuing anti-clockwise through several other towns and cities until a full loop is made back to Chiang Mai. Although you can travel in the opposite direction, this was my experience.

Beginning in Chiang Mai, there are several Scooter Rental companies you can pick from, but I would recommend either one of the following places due to price and availability:

– Mango Scooter Rental

– Vanessa Motorbike Rental

– Chiang Mai Scooter Rental

Once you have your scooter, get ready to travel from Chiang Mai to Pai!

The road to Pai is one known for its hundreds of twists and turns, so be prepared to tighten your luggage on your bike and for a whindy journey! This drive takes around 2-3 hours to make, depending on how many times you stop off to take in the views. The sights here are beautiful, so be prepared to stop at least once or twice.

There are a few noteworthy things to see along the way. If you’re an avid waterfall lover, I would definitely recommend Mork Fa waterfall. It’s narrow, steep and has a magical, powerful presence. Everything nature should be!

There are many other things to see along the way, but I would keep them to a minimum if you want to get to Pai before dark!

Once you arrive in Pai, I would recommend to wind down with a gorgeous sunset view at Pai Canyon. Pai Canyon is a scenic canyon with narrow, ledgy hiking trails that offer sweeping valley views of the surrounding mountains. Trust me, there isn’t a better view in Pai, nor a better way to finish a long day’s drive than this. Get a beer (just one!) And take in the beauty.

Finally, get some rest and explore the sleepy town of Pai in the morning!”

He shared with us that: “I recently quit my job to travel the world on the 1st of September 2019. From that day on I took a one way ticket to Asia and have never looked back.

The main reason I set up my channel is because I love ADVENTURE. I love working up a sweat and challenging myself to overcome fear of the unknown and grow! I have always enjoyed testing my limits, whether it be trekking up a mountain, driving a gorgeous motorbike route, or just doing things which scare me.

On my channel I want to offer you entertainment, information and most of all to inspire you to experience what this beautiful world has to offer. I am currently living in Thailand and plan to resume travel once this world goes back to normal. Hope you enjoy my videos and if you want to reach out, for any reason, don’t hesitate! Stay tuned for Parts 2,3 AND 4 of my MAE HONG SON LOOP experience of my YOUTUBE CHANNEL” 

The center of Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son capital seemed to be just a small, beautiful town with winding streets, up and down like Da Lat streets. This place is decent, there are no storks or other services to captivate visitors.

The streets and houses are sunlit in the cold glaze of Mae Hong Son mountain town

The local people are all happy and affectionate. The pace of life here is not boring, nor as bustling as in the city. For me, Mae Hong Son is a special version of the mountain town, only when we slow down can we fully understand what the mountain town whispers.

Coming to Mae Hong Son, not renting a 2 wheel drive is a serious shortcoming. How can you feel its beauty if you do not explore the end of narrow winding roads and alleys, full of phoenixes, golden scorpions, porcelain flowers, and rows of green bananas … between houses Prasart-style roofs are funny.

You should also try once to admire Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu temple located on the top of a windswept hill. On it, tourists can observe the panorama of Mae Hong Son city and the isolated airport.

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu Temple

Continuing about more than 40km, visitors have the opportunity to visit a series of strawberry fields on the left side of the road or the romantic Pang Oung lake area with fresh air.

The final destination is Ban Rak Thai village nestled on the highest part of Mae Hong Son province, 1km from the Thai and Myanmar border. This is an exiled Chinese village, famous for its green tea hills and traditional wine jars dating back to decades.

Thanks to KayyyWild for sharing his interesting experiences at Mae Hong Son. Don’t forget to subscribe his youtube channel give him a thumbs up after watching. And don’t forget to share your trips with us via info@wetravelguides.com, or our Facebook / Twitter.

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