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Digging in famous Mongolian traditional foods

by Chloe

Mongolia is a steppe land with sun, wind, trees and mighty eagles. This is the land that will give you a great time. Besides, Mongolia also has unique specialities that attract tourists.

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1. Lamb hotpot

Lamb hot pot is the most typical dish in Mongolia in general. In this cold land, people gather around a hot pot is really wonderful. A standard Mongolian-style pot of lamb includes nutritious foods such as jujube, cyanobacteria, cardamom, dried longan … all of which help make the taste of lamb richer and good for health. The passionate scent on the tip of the tongue is what remains in your throat when you enjoy it.

2. The rock-stewed goat

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The rock-stewed goat has the main source of raw materials, including: Split boneless goat meat with vegetables and some spices as well as indispensable ice cubes (the rock used for this dish must have a smooth surface, small size as your hand, 20 to 30 balls are enough).

Traditional feast of khorkhog - mutton steamed with hot stones and veg -  Picture of Goyo Travel, Ulaanbaatar - Tripadvisor

After pre-processing the stone, the Mongolians arrange the stones alternating with the meat pieces so that they fit into the cooking pot and are covered with a layer of seasoned vegetables to help the dish add flavor and cook evenly.

3. Aaruul – Mongolian curdled milk

Aaruul is a very unique Mongolian dish made from milk. Milk is left in the wild until completely dry. The most important thing to make this delicious dish is the weather factor because the weather will make this dish not quite hard. This is also a guarantee for Mongolian strong teeth.

4. Boodog – Creepy grilled goat

Boodog is a famous dish in Mongolian cuisine with somewhat gruesome processing. Despite the name boodog, this dish has no dog meat. The main ingredient is goat or marmot.

Bodog: Mongolia's Real Barbecue

Mongolian makes this dish by removing the bones and intestines of a goat, cow or sheep through the throat, the hot stone is then filled inside the meat so that it is cooked from the inside out.

Mongolian often enjoys boodog in winter. This dish has fatty flavor, so it plays an important role in the daily meals of Mongolia because it will help them warm, it helps them to cope through the harsh winter. If you come to Mongolia, you should also try this “creepy” but attractive dish.

5. Airag

If drinking cow milk, goat milk sounds boring to you, try airag – fermented horse milk.

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Fermented horse milk or horse milk with alcohol spirit is favored by many people thanks to its abundant vitamins and proteins. Especially in order to have a glass of it, the cook has to undergo elaborate processing. In particular, to have enough wine for the whole family, one needs at least 10 mare’s milk. Once the ingredients are obtained, the milk is placed in a leather bag and hung.

Making airag in khokhuur registered by UNESCO - News.MN

Every day, Mongolian has to shake about 1,000 times so that the wine is not too liquid, not too thick. Airag will meet the standard when it has a sour taste and a little buttery flavor from the fat of the horse.

Airag usually has up to only 2% alcohol and has a slightly sour, yet delicious taste that’s agreeable to most people.

Making airag in khokhuur registered by UNESCO | Mare's Milk "Airag"

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