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Definitely have to visit the fascinating Taman Mini park in Jakarta

by Victoria

There are a lot of miniature theme parks around the world but Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is far from these, as it shows the many facets of the country, offering something interesting and fresh perspectives to visitors. Taman Mini Park is a showcase for Indonesia’s rich natural and cultural diversity you should visit when visiting Jakarta!

Tham quan công viên Taman Mini

Located east of the capital Jakarta, Taman Mini Indonesia Park includes 26 copies of traditional houses from 26 provinces across the country from Aceh to Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java and Papua in the Indonesian archipelago, exhibiting history. , arts and crafts and traditions of each province. Taman Mini has large areas for family entertainment, botanical parks, museums, performance theaters, Imax theater and accommodation facilities.

Tham quan công viên Taman Mini

This park is a must-visit for families visiting Jakarta or anyone looking to schedule a day of this city holiday to appreciate the rich arts and cultural diversity of the whole. the Indonesian islands. It is one of the most unique theme parks in the world and offers a great getaway from a bustling urban setting.

Here, visitors can glimpse the regional architecture in the Indonesian archipelago, “Teater Tanah Airku” is the first theater in Indonesia equipped with modern technology. “Teater Tanah Airku” is a blend of distinctive Indonesian and international aesthetics. There are also museums dedicated to rare animals such as the Komodo museum, the Asmat museum, the Sports museum, and a museum that displays gifts that President Soeharto received during his thirty years as a leader. For nature lovers, there are orchids, cacti, herbs and flower gardens, and also Bird Park.

Tham quan công viên Taman Mini

What’s so exciting about Taman Mini park?

The park boasts many pavilions, each representing the unique architecture, traditional costumes and performing arts of the various islands. From the domes of traditional Sumatran houses, the mighty dance moves of the traditional Javanese and Kalimantan dancers, to the ornate wood carvings and heritage textiles from the Nusa Tenggara archipelago.

Tham quan công viên Taman Mini

Serving as the center of the park is an artificial lake depicting the Indonesian archipelago on a miniature scale but with the correct size, best viewed while riding the cable car. There is also an Indonesian museum with permanent exhibits, a flower garden, a beautiful Chinese temple, a bird park, many scheduled theater shows and an IMAX cinema, a of the very few in Indonesia.

Kids will love the park’s castle, reminiscent of Disneyland, which has playgrounds for fun traditional puppet shows and shows, along with a sanctuary of games, dance and music. System for children from all over Indonesia. The castle also features recreational facilities such as a swimming pool, children’s railways and a man-made forest.

Tham quan công viên Taman Mini

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