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Cruise experience Seine River – France is definitely not to be missed

by Victoria

For thousands of years, the romantic Seine River has always been an endless source of inspiration for any poet, poet or painter. This place is beautiful, a very French, very western, very romantic beauty. So to be able to immerse and enjoy all that beauty, do not hesitate that you do not experience the Seine cruise ship right now!

France is always a destination that attracts many friends in the world to visit because of the extremely romantic attraction of nature and love here, especially the poetic Seine river. Cruise the Seine river cruise is one of the most interesting things that you must definitely not miss!

There is the Seine flowing between Paris…

The Seine River with a length of 770 km and flows through many different areas of France but perhaps the most beautiful, poetic and most lyrical is probably the passage in the heart of Paris. If you have the opportunity to set foot to travel to France and especially the capital Paris, you will surely know that this place is the most magnificent capital, the pace of human life is also hasty and bustling. But in the midst of such a Paris there is a peaceful river flowing from year to month – the Seine.

trải nghiệm du thuyền sông Seine

The upstream of the Seine is located at Saint-Germain-Source-Seine, in Côte-d’Or, the river that flows artfully through France and then merges into the great Le Havre sea.

Seine River is home to hundreds of different bridges spanning, each with a different historical process and a different architectural look. Famous bridges that you can know as the famous Pont des Arts pedestrian bridge called the “love lock bridge” with thousands of keychains hooked up to the bridge walls, or the Pont Neuf bridge with current architecture. Great, unique, this is also the first stone bridge in the city to be built.

trải nghiệm du thuyền sông Seine

The Seine River is so romantic and romantic, why not try the Seine river cruise experience to immerse yourself in that peaceful and romantic feeling? You can choose to go to the Seine River at any time of the year, each season will be an enjoyable experience! However, you can choose from May to September, because this is the time when this river is the most beautiful, and will be able to give you the most unforgettable moments!

Experience a romantic Seine river cruise

The means for you to travel mainly on this river are ships called with the names: Bateau Mouche. This ship is designed with wood, consists of 2 floors, the lower floor has comfortable seats, the upper floor is the unshielded floor so that visitors can go to the deck to admire and admire the entire Seine river. the most complete! On average, the train fare will be at 15 euros for 1 person.

trải nghiệm du thuyền sông Seine

A special feature when you come to this place is that you can completely experience the Seine river cruise by the Scenic Gem. This is a yacht specially built to accommodate hundreds of visitors when coming here. This yacht is designed with 64 rooms with a staff of up to 40 people who can attentively serve you and all guests on board.

Each room on the boat has a private balcony, you can completely go out to fully enjoy the beauty of the Seine. Along with the pink afternoon in the end of the sky, the wind blowing gently with a little French wine to enjoy is nothing more wonderful!

trải nghiệm du thuyền sông Seine

Whether you experience the Bateau Mouche boat or the Scenic Gem cruise, you have the opportunity to admire the massive architectural works on both sides of the river. The first place to experience the Seine river cruise and also the main departure point is the riverbank just a 10-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. As the train moves further away, you can enjoy a panoramic view of this great French tower from afar.

From here you can see the Chateau de La Roche-Guyon castle. France is known as the land of famous castles, and Chateau de La Roche-Guyon is no exception. This castle existed on the banks of the Seine from the years of the 14th century with massive and impressive limestone cliffs. Not only that, if you have time, you can also come here to admire the beauty along with the classic architecture of the entire castle!

In addition, you will also admire other famous architectures when you experience the Seine river cruise such as La Concorde Square, Louvre museum or Arc de Triomphe, … All will appear as a picture extremely vibrant and beautiful, if you have the opportunity to admire the Seine River at night, this place will give you a completely different feeling with its fanciful shimmering beauty.

trải nghiệm du thuyền sông Seine

Experience a cruise on the Seine river cruise and listen to calming love songs in this magnificent city like a way here to hold tourists in. Coming to France and especially Paris, perhaps you will not be able to discover all the wonderful things that this place has to offer. But if you have come, you definitely have to experience the Seine river cruise or you will not be considered to have come to the real France yet!

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