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Countries that easily confuse others with their geographical location

by Victoria

With a territorial area stretching over 2, even 3 continents, many of us are confused about the real continent position of that country. List of countries below will make you “brainstorming” when suddenly asked will be dumbfounded – do not know which is the standard “continent”.

1. Turkey is a European country

Turkey is a European country, but much of the territory is in West Asia. Therefore, many people have misunderstood the real continent of this country.

Turkey has an area of ​​about 783,562 square kilometers and a population of nearly 78 million people.

The only reason the country belongs to Europe is because Turkey’s largest city – Istanbul – is located between two continents, and the country chose the Old Continent.

Istanbul – historic capital of Turkey

2. Kazakhstan is an Asian country

Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country and the ninth largest country in terms of area (about 2,724,900 km2, larger than all of Western Europe combined).

The country is largely located in Central Asia and a small part of Eastern Europe, so it should not be surprising if the country’s continent is Asia.

However, Kazakhstan has a rather … complicated history, especially in the sports arena. Kazakhstan was once part of the (former) Soviet Union, but declared independence in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Since 1992, Kazakhstan has become a member of the Asian Football Federation (AFC). However, in 2002, the country left the AFC and joined the European Football Federation (UEFA).

Since then, the soccer tournaments in Europe have always included Kazakhstan. Therefore, many football fans today may misunderstand Kazakhstan as a European country.

3. Israel is an Asian country

Israel – also known as the Jewish state – is a country with a rather … troublesome geographical position at the intersection of continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. In terms of geography, Israel is an Asian country and the world also recognizes this.

However, many people misunderstand Israel as a European country. The reason is that this country has a rather complicated political history, tied to the Old Continent.

The warriors’ jihad over the holy place of Christianity, along with the growth and migration of the Jewish population, made the country from its inception associated with the development of the period middle and modern segment of Europe.

Jerusalem – capital of Israel

Also in 1948, this country declared independence under the patronage of Western countries such as Great Britain, America, and the Soviet Union. That is why, politically, this country acts as a European country. Even football tournaments in Europe, Israel also participate and get approval from organizations such as UEFA, FIFA …

4. Greenland Island in North America

Greenland is an autonomous island in the Kingdom of Denmark – Europe. However, geographically, this is an arctic island nation and linked to North America. So when it comes to the map of the continents, Greenland Island will be marked in this area, even as a country in Europe.

Another interesting piece of information is – about 81% of the Greenland surface area is covered with ice, which is called the Greenland Ice Cape. As a result, almost all Greenlanders live along fjords in the southwestern part of the main island, where the climate is more temperate.

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