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Con Dao in the top destination 2021

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Con Dao is in 52 destinations selected by American magazine, along with many other countryside and wild places in the world.

On January 7, the New York Times published a list of 52 destinations for the year 2021 after selecting and polling readers from more than 2,000 different suggestions. There are no more lavish destinations like every year, this year’s list is said to be very different. 2020 is a limited year of tourism, making the New York Times reviews mainly based on news, restaurant, hotel, and museum updates … and the cultural characteristics of the destinations.

Out of the 52 names, Southeast Asia only contributed to two locations, namely Con Dao, Vietnam and Tagaytay, Philippines. Each destination is selected by New York Times experience characters to introduce. For Con Dao, the chosen person is Thang Dac Luong, a lawyer and writer living in Sydney, Australia.

Mr. Duong shared: “My father was a journalist who was imprisoned in Con Dao from 1961 to 1963. He was held in a” tiger cage “only 1.5×2.7m wide but had 5, 6 prisoners. I died in 2006 overseas, and I chose to return to Con Dao to partly learn about my father’s past, visit relatives’ graves and travel Con Dao has a thriving sea turtle conservation area. At the end of going to the beach, the feeling of being immersed in the warm and clear blue water made me cry. My children come to Con Dao so they can better understand their grandfather “.

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