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Come to Nikko Japan, do not miss these interesting travel experiences

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Nikko is an area located in the northwestern part of Tochigi prefecture, which attracts tourists by its unique world heritage, magnificent natural landscapes, and distinctive and distinctive cultural styles. Come here, do not miss the must-try experiences in Nikko Japan!

Walk around Lake Nikko

Nikko Lake, also known as Chuzenji, is the largest lake in Tochigi prefecture, famous for its lyrical and poetic scenery, which is a favorite destination for Japanese Nikko tourists.

Fall to Lake Nikko attracts visitors with the cool air and the change of the leaves color of the trees around the lake forming a brilliant color palette. Scattered along the lake are bungalows, small streets, and stone benches that create a peaceful and poetic scene of Lake Nikko.

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In the summer, this place becomes a camping destination of choice for everyone. At this time, visitors can see directly the landscape around the lake or can watch the landscape reflected on the lake surface by the clarity of the lake water. Around the lake, there are many famous tourist attractions of Nikko city such as Nikko Futarasan temple, Rinno temple …

Visiting relics of temples and pagodas

Most of the temple complexes here were built in the 17th century as one of the must-try experiences in Nikko Japan because of its unique, sophisticated architecture made from the most skilled craftsmen.

The shrine of Nikko Tosho-gu, completed in 1617, is one of the busiest places to welcome passengers during the Edo period. Nikko Tosho-gu, Futarasan Temple and Rinno-ji are also now UNESCO Heritage Sites. The complex of temples and pagodas in Nikko, Japan can be called “Di Hoa Vien of Japan”! It is a complex of ancient temples and pagodas, most of which were built in the 17th century, located on the mountains surrounding Nikko, marking a period of brilliant development of Japanese culture 300 years ago…

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Nikko Toshogu Shrine: The entire heritage complex of Nikko Temple consists of 103 categories, of which 9 are ranked as national treasures and 94 items ranked important cultural assets of Japan. The lavishly decorated complex of the temple consists of 12 buildings built in a beautiful forest, with countless wood carvings and a large amount of gold leaf used for decoration. for buildings where visitors can easily recognize the traditional highlight in the temple’s architecture.

Rinno Temple: Japanese conception, Nikko mountain area is sacred mountain. Nikko mountain area is where God (Shinto), Buddha (Buddhism) and Mountain (nature) merge into one. Rinno Temple is a monastery of the Tiantan Buddhism sect built in the 8th century. At the same time, the government built Tam Phat Duong as the headquarters of Rinno temple in 1811. Inside the Tam Buddha Street, there are 3 pictures. The very famous golden Buddha statue carved from the beginning of the Edo period is: Guan Yin with thousand arms, Buddha Adida, and Buddha Bodhisattva with a height of 8 meters from the lotus to the top.

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Nikko Futarasan Temple is the second largest temple in Nikko, but is older than Nikko Toshogu because it was built in 767. This temple was built as a place to worship the three most sacred mountains in Nikko: Mount Nantai, Mount Nyoho and Mount Taro. The temple displays two swords in the main hall, considered the national treasure of Japan. Many architectural works in Nikko Futarasan temple have become important cultural assets of Japan.

Visit the Shinkyo Bridge

The Shinkyo Bridge acts as a main entrance to the temples of Nikko, the perfect place to start your journey. The bridge itself is also part of Futarasan Temple, one of three temples in Nikko that worship Mount Futara as a “shintai” (human body part). In the Shinto religion, shintai is the object that holds the soul of a god, providing a physical form for the god to access to his followers.

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One legend says that when Saint Shodo came here, the water flow was so strong that the Zen master could not cross the river. A deity came to help Saint Shodo by sending two snakes down and turning into a bridge for the Zen master to cross.

See 70 Jizo stone statues in the Kanmangafuchi area

The Kanmangafuchi Basin was formed by an eruption of Mount Nantai. Kanmangafuchi Field is located near central Nikko just a few hundred meters away and this is an ideal place to walk, watch the scenery by one side is the hill, the other is a rapids. The magnificent landscape is definitely one of the must-try experiences in Nikko Japan.

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At the Kanmangafuchi area, there are about 70 Jizo stone statues – a Japanese Bodhisattva to ease the sufferings that people have to endure when going to hell and pray for the health of the living, as well as being a protector. protect the children.

The Jizo statues are arranged in a long row, all facing the waterfall. Some Jizo statues are decorated with hats and bibs, some are eroded by time, not intact … Legend has it that Jizo Buddha statues change place over time and people Will never see statues in the same order twice.

Admire the beautiful waterfalls in Nikko

There are many waterfalls in Nikko, but Kegon Falls is the most famous name and a part of the top 3 of Japan’s most beautiful waterfalls. We recommend that you take the elevator up to the observatory and try to take a closer look at the base of the falls. In winter, you can enjoy a completely different scene when the waterfall completely freezes.

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Ryuzu Falls: This waterfall flows down the slope of 210m lava rock. A large rock near the foot of the waterfall divides the water in half, creating a shape similar to the head of a dragon, so the waterfall is called “Ryuzu” (dragon head). The scenery around the waterfall is not only famous for its vast red leaves in autumn, but also for its beautiful red azaleas in May. You can see the waterfall better if you try to climb the ladder along the riverbank.

Kinugawa hot spring bath

When your feet are tired after a day of sightseeing, nothing is better than staying at the hot spring inns in Kinugawa in Nikko city. Kinugawa Hot Spring is one of the places chosen by many tourists, this is also the place where many Japanese come to relax on weekends.

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Kinugawa Hot Spring is located in the upper Kinugawa River. Along the riverbank, there are many hotels and inns with hot springs. However, coming to Kinugawa, visitors can not only take a hot bath, but also have the opportunity to take a boat on the Kinugawa River, or watch the entire hot spring area by the cable car system on the mountain. Immerse yourself in the hot water to dispel fatigue, prepare for a nap and start a day of continuing to visit Nikko city.

Near the resort is Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura Park, where culture and life from the Edo period are created and reenacted by artists. Here, visitors will be immersed in the life of the people of the Edo period. Do not be surprised because you may suddenly meet the Ninja right on the street. Onsen baths at Kinugawa Onsen and visiting the park are must-try experiences in Nikko Japan

Enjoy Japanese Nikko cuisine

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, no one is ignorant of Mochi – during the New Year to pray for health, luck, strength and longevity they often make Mochi cakes to offer to their ancestors and Welcome guests.

Some other dishes that are also chosen by many people are red bean tea with free mochi and a warm sip of sorghum. If you have the opportunity to travel to Nikko, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy Yuba – delicious vegetarian dish, cold noodles, dip udon or soba in a bowl of soup. Each dish contains the best meanings or is associated with history and is one of the must-try experiences in Nikko Japan.

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