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Coconut Worms – a favourite dish or a horrible food?

by Kelly

What is Coconut Worms (Duong Dua in Vietnamese)?

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Duong Dua is one of the specialties in Vietnam; for many people, however, seeing the fat worms crawling about is enough to give the creeps let alone put into one’s mouth.

Duong Dua is a form of beetle larvae. After the breeding season the beetle usually chooses the healthy coconut, pierces a hole on top and lays the eggs in it. After the eggs hatch, the larvae grow by eating the young shoot of the coconut tree until the tree is pierced through.

Although the coconut is spoiled by Duong Dua, the worms are delicious and are a delicacy in the coconut land of the Mekong River delta. Duong Dua is a harmful species and breeding them is prohibited; so, the price is expensive.

Especially in the Tra Vinh area, there are Duong Tra La (Date-palm worms). Each palm tree has only one worm occupied until it grows wings and flies away. If you look at the withered top of the tree, you may find a worm inside. Duong Cha La is fat and meaty and people can fry or roast. However this is another dish that makes frightens people.

Ways to eat as a local

With fish sauce
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Many visitors can not be brave to enjoy this dish in spite of high nutrition. In addition, it is a most common and easiest way to eat. The worm dipped into a bowl of fish sauce to sterillization and osmosis.

Pick up alive worm into your mouth, chew slowly and slowly, you can feeling the sweet and fat, like egg and cheese.

Grilled Coconut Worm
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Together types of herb such as: green chili, basil,…, coconut worms are skewered and grilled on the fire until it turn golden.

Deep – fried coconut worms
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Before serving, coconut worms is mixed a compound of egg yolk, wheat flour, and salt and then deep – fried in a pan. During eating, this dish is served with local herbs.

With steamed sticky rice

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Rice is lie on the cooker and coconut worm on the surface a mixture of rice and water. And then, they are cook at the same time. At dinner, coconut worm and sticky rice are eaten with sour – sweet fish souce.

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