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Chill out for the exciting January festivals around the world

by Victoria

As the beginning of a new year, January festivals appear dense and extremely vibrant from all over the world. Let’s explore the bustling and hot atmosphere of these special New Years festivals.

In the upcoming January of the new year, many countries around the world will welcome many unique festivals, imbued with national cultural identity. In addition to the joyful and exciting atmosphere, these festivals are also an indispensable beauty of any country. For those who love to travel, this is also a golden time to plan a trip abroad to immerse yourself in colorful space, learn new customs, fully enjoy the music. jubilantly, under bright light and fiery dances.

Like all festivals in the month of the year, most of the holidays that take place in January have the same characteristic of being meticulously prepared and splendidly decorated. For many countries such as China, Korea, the Philippines, Australia, the festivals taking place on the first days of the new year are also an opportunity to promote and attract tourism, so there are more fun activities and special events. special.

Ice Festival in Harbin, China

Traveling to China in January, do not miss the opportunity to experience the fun with the Harbin tapes, visit South Korea at the beginning of the year, remember to participate in the Sancheoneo Hwacheon Ice Salmon Festival. If you come to Australia on January 26, you will freely immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere to celebrate the National Day of this country, …

Here are the world’s most exciting festivals taking place in the first month of the new year. Let’s explore together!

Những lễ hộ tháng 1 - Băng đăng Quốc tế Cáp Nhĩ Tân 2015

Harbin city, capital of Heilongjiang province, China has a cold climate, the average temperature is quite low, especially in January. The average summer temperature of this land is 21.2 ° C, winter is -18 degrees C-16.8 ° C. Even in cold times, temperatures can drop down to -38.1 ° C. Although causing some difficulties in living, this is an advantage of Harbin in organizing the annual international ice festival. This place is one of the famous spots in the world for those who love ice and snow.

This exciting winter festival is held on January 5 with many interesting activities such as displaying 2,000 works of tapes posted in an area of ​​up to 600,000 square meters. You will join thousands of other visitors eager to explore the many unique and spectacular ice sculptures. Everyone thought they were lost in a fairytale garden with castles, famous works from many countries around the world. Besides, we are also spoiled for watching and meeting favorite cartoon characters in familiar movies.

Sancheoneo Hwacheon Ice-Fating Festival, Korea

If you have the opportunity to travel to Korea in winter, especially January, take the time to visit the Hwacheon district, specifically from January 4 to 26. Because this is the time when Hwacheon Sancheoneo – the January festival is loved by many people. Normally, the cold days when the lake or river starts to freeze is also the time when thousands of people flock to join the salmon fishing festival. Everyone is waiting for luck to come, to catch the biggest salmon, and start the new year smoothly and smoothly.

Những lễ hội tháng 1 sôi động  - câu cá hồi trên băng Hwacheon
Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Salmon Festival

The festival officially started after the organizers had dropped more than 32 tons of salmon into the river to serve the competition. Many people eagerly hunt for fish by dropping them into the cold water, after digging small lakes on the ice. People even use enough measures to get the most fish, including lying face down on the ice and then reaching into the cold water to pick up the fish.

Taking part in a salmon fishing contest in such extreme cold weather requires good health, high tolerance to cold and a bit of fishing technique. With these features, salmon fishing on Sancheoneo Hwacheon becomes one of the most unique fishing scenes in the world. In the end, the winner is the one who caught the most fish.

Những lễ hội tháng 1 sôi động - Dịp để du khách câu cá

In addition to fishing, fishing by hand, this festival also has many other attractive entertainment programs such as snow skiing, ice ball, snow statue, … and especially the display of statues. extremely beautiful and delicate snow with up to 20 weeks of preparation time. Referring to salmon in this January festival, do not miss the opportunity to taste delicious and nutritious salmon salad or grilled salmon in Korean cuisine.

Yamazaki Festival, Japan

Taking place on the second Sunday of January, Yamazaki Festival is one of the famous New Year events in Nara, Japan. On this day, people will together remove dead or harmful plants for the purpose of making the soil more fertile and lush.

Những lễ hội tháng 1- Lễ hội Yamazaki

If you are lucky enough to travel to Japan at the right time, you will be immersed in the warm atmosphere with the locals by the crimson flames that are lit when the night falls. Then we pray together for a peaceful and peaceful new year.

Ati Festival – Atihan, Philippines

Referring to the January festival in Asian countries, it is impossible to ignore the event that takes place on the third week of January in the Philippines. It was Ati – Atihan, the oldest and most majestic festival of this country.

Những lễ hội tháng 1 - Lễ hội Kalibo Phillipin

The Ati festival will last for three days. This is also an opportunity for people to honor the Child God – the guardian god for this country. Especially in the Kalibo region because it brings the atmosphere more vibrant than ever, with bustling sounds from drums, from wild dances, dancing moves of Ati-ati warrior caravans. She was dressed in vibrant colors with black soot covered in her body. All make for an unprecedented bustle and joyful scene, attractive and extremely attractive.

Pongal Festival, Singapore

In Singapore there is also a January festival dedicated to Hindu families. This event is held in January every year and lasts for 4 consecutive days. During that time, there were many different activities, the most special one being the Pongal part: offering sticky rice to celebrate the good harvest.

Những lễ hội tháng 1 - Chuẩn bị xôi ngọt
Prepare sweet sticky rice in Pongal

Sweet sticky rice pots are cooked with a mixture of milk, rice and sugar, and then presented to the gods and saints to pray for peace. According to many studies, at first, this festival was held in South India – land with early development of agriculture, also the main source of livelihood for people.

Australia Day

Australia Day takes place on January 26 each year, which is also Australia’s National Day. This event, welcomed by Australians as public holiday, is recognized with hundreds of events, large and small, taking place across the country. In many towns and cities, people join a community breakfast together, and then host dinner parties on the beach.

Những lễ hội tháng 1 - Ngày Quốc Khánh Úc

In addition, there are cult festivals such as Australian folk dance, concerts, beauty parades and shows, sports competitions, historical and cultural exhibitions that are most attractive. beautiful fireworks. Sydney Harbor Bridge is where this January festival takes place especially exciting with thousands of people and visitors from all over the world.

Cebu City Sinulog Festival

In the island nation of Cebu, there is a jubilant religious event of the five years named Sinulog. This is the most anticipated festival that takes place on the third Sunday of January, lasts about 9 days and ends with a grand parade called Grand Prix. The people will wear bright, vibrant colors and the Sinulog (two-step forward, one step back) dance in the bustling drum.

Những lễ hội tháng 1 - Lễ hội Sinulog
The Sinulog Festival is held in honor of Santo Nino – Jesus before the 980s.

Fire festival, city of Shetland, Scotland

Those who love to travel to Scotland know that this is a very famous country with a mysterious Viking culture. On the last Tuesday of January, there is a festival in honor of the Vikingmanging the fire festival name. This event is held in Lerwick, capital of the Shetland Islands, Scotland and has an irresistible attraction to people at home and abroad.

Những lễ hội tháng 1 - Lễ hội Up Helly Aa

On the day of this January festival, thousands of people dressed in costumes imitating Viking pirates, marching through the streets, holding battle axes and of course indispensable. The torch is shining. Even the gang also dragged a long boat typical of ancient Viking pirates. At the end of the day, before the end of the ritual, a glowing torch will be thrown into this long boat and set on fire.

Những lễ hội tháng 1 - Lễ hội đốt lửa

As soon as the fire goes out, everyone will sing the traditional song “The Norseman’s Home” together and retreat to local pubs. This was a time for bustling Viking parties. And finally continue the celebration of the people of Shetland, Scotland at home with more private space.

Timkat Festival, Ethiopia

During the New Year’s Eve, the people of Ethiopi will participate in a special January festival that re-enacts the baptism of Jesus Christ on the Jordan River. It is the Timkat festival that takes place from January 18 to 20 ((two weeks after Christmas). It can be said that this is the most wonderful festival of the year in Ethiopia, so it is very much expected by the people and visitors.

Những lễ hội tháng 1 - Lễ hội Timkat

On this occasion, people will wear traditional pure white outfits, while priests will wear satin or velvet gowns in a variety of vibrant colors. What is even more interesting is that they also carry large velvet umbrellas that are beautifully hand embroidered with glittering glitter.

Voodoo festival, Benin

Voodoo Festival has a history of more than 10,000 years, so it is considered one of the oldest festivals in the country of Benin today. This January festival with a strange name takes place on January 10 every year in Ouidah, Benin.

Những lễ hội tháng 1 - Lễ hội Voodoo

One of the reasons that Voodoo is classified in the list of the most unique and bizarre festivals in the world is because during the exorcism, a goat will be slaughtered to worship God. This action is performed by shamans and follows the concept “if you sacrifice to the gods, they will bless you and give you health”. The festival will end with dancing, singing and drinking gin.

Những lễ hội tháng 1 - Lễ hội hoành tráng

Starting a new year with an early trip is an ideal choice for those who love to move and enjoy life in a special way. Even more attractive, if you can participate in the festivals in January full of excitement, excitement and bold cultural and historical identity of countries around the world. Do not miss this rare opportunity in foreign travel for you and your family and friends.

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