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Cape of Rodon – A hidden jewelry in Albania

by Chloe

The Cape of Rodon or Cape of Skanderbeg is a famous rocky cape located on the Adriatic Sea, the north of Durrës, Albania.

Cape of Rodon location
Fortress of Skanderbeg, Cape Rodon, Kepi i Rodonit, Adriatic, Ishem, Durres, Durres, Albania : Stock Photo

 Not only just a cape, in this beautiful cape has a castle called Rodoni Castle which was built in 1463 by Skanderbeg and a Saint Anthony Church.

Cape of Rodon , a tourist destination for a weekend trip | Albanian  Telegraphic Agency

Coming to cape of Rodon, you can immerse with the majestic wild beauty of mountains and sea of Albania. Moreover, from the height of this cape, you can feast your eyes with several beach resorts like Fshati Turistik Lura while Lalzit Bay Resort is under construction.

Due to Aleksander – an Albanian travel blogger who owns a youtube channed called “Vibe Tube” which captures impressive footage of him and his girlfriend – Xhuliana during their travels “Cape of Rodon is gorgeous. We planned an one day trip camping at Cape of Rodon and in result we had a wonderful day and night. We hiked to the end of the cape, went inside the castle of Skanderberg ( National Hero of Albania) and went around the old church. Beautiful place and we recommend everyone that comes in Albania, to visit this cape.” said Aleksander.

Let’s watch his addicted video of the journey to the beautiful Cape of Rodon!

Rodon’s rocky tip is not easy to reach, but is definitely worth the time. It’s a great trip if you spend a day or more in the nearby seaside town of Fushë-Draçi where you can find plenty of vacation rental homes and great beaches which are still not so crowded with tourists. It takes two hours to reach the cape of Rodon, so if you’re not feeling energetic enough, it’s better to rent a car and drive there. “It only takes 40 min by car from the capital city of Albania – Tirana and just 40 min from Durrës too” said Aleksander.

The paths leading to the headland are paved pretty well, but to get even more adventurous you’ll have to walk on the roads which soon become very rocky and steep.

One of the first attractions to explore is the Church of Saint Anthony, a cultural monument located right next to the beach and still open for service. If you’re lucky, you will see a few wild horses graze in the nearby meadows, reminding you of Albania’s pristine and pristine natural world. Inside the old church, a few rows of wooden chairs are ignored by a large cross, for an interior that is both historic and updated. Once outside, you can take a walk by the water, or jump into the ocean to cool off.

Saint Anthony Church

Follow the path back through the many old tunnels on the hill, you can reach to another important historic structure of the cape: Rodoni Castle, built by Skanderberg (Albanian nobleman and military commander). On the sides you will see the wall of the cape and the sea, which is scary but beautiful. The castle itself is on the right side of the cape, so you’ll have to climb back down to reach it (be sure to wear comfortable shoes as the path is rocky and sometimes slippery).

Beach in Cape of Rodon
Rodoni Castle

Standing on the top of Cape of Rodon, you will be fully immersed in the majesty and peace of Albania’s nature.

Moreover, coming to Albania or Cape of Rodon during this lockdown, you will not force to self-quarantine and quarantine will only apply in specific cases when ordered by health authorities. So don’t hesitate to go to this beautiful destination.

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