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Canberra – An attractive tourist capital of Australia

by Victoria

Although not as crowded as Sydney or as peaceful as Melbourne, the Australian capital, Canberra still has its own charms that make anyone coming here will fall in love. What is so attractive about Canberra tourism?

Canberra Tourism

Canberra is the capital city of Australia, 280km southwest of Sydney and 660km northeast of Melbourne. Canberra is known as the “bush capital” thanks to its garden-style architecture combined with nature. This place fully converges the beauty of the tourist city with landscapes, festivals, beauty from cuisine … all blending to create the attraction for this city.

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The Australian capital has four distinct seasons, with summer (December – February) hot dry, very cold winter (June – August), and spring (September – November) and autumn. (March – May), the weather is cool and sunny, suitable for exploration activities. Spring is the tourist season of Canberra, because then visitors from all over the world flock to explore the Floriade Spring Flower Festival to celebrate the new season.

Interesting attractions in Canberra

Lake Burley Griffin

The first place in the list of discoveries when traveling to Canberra is the site of Lake Burley Griffin. Coming to this place, you can see groups of people walking around the lake, sails and dragon boats floating on the water. Although not as bustling as other entertainment cities, but coming to Canberra you will not have to face the noise, but instead is a peaceful scene.

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National Library of Australia

The National Library of Australia is the place for you to visit and understand this country’s cultural value. This place welcomes 10 million books and has many valuable works from all over the world from Asia, Europe, … Besides, there are also rare books and manuscripts such as maps, paintings or musical works.

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Australian Parliament House

Unlike the political works in countries around the world, which show the power of politicians, the Australian Parliament building is designed in the spirit of openness, connecting the community to work together to solve problems. Social problems of the country, so the architecture of the building is quite liberal, demonstrating high democracy, becoming a symbol of Australia. This work of art is quite large, located below the top of the hillside, made from marble and many kinds of precious woods. Visiting the Australian Parliament building, visitors have the opportunity to admire many other works of art and see the rooms where heads of state work.

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Parliamentary Triangle

Because it is the political center of the country, coming to Canberra you will be living with the political color. Parliamentary Triangle area helps you learn more about the famous works of art, famous works of the capital such as the parliament building or the parliament building on Capital Hill. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to study the birth of the Australian political system.

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Australian War Memorial

Not only is a place to pay homage to the contributions made by Australian soldiers in the war, the Australian War Memorial is also a museum that holds many artifacts showing military history. The monument is built on a wide, cake-shaped lawn in the north of Anzac Parade and the memorial is located in the center of the memorial building, surrounded by domes. The focal point of the memorial is the Hall of Memory, a towering chapel with a small stilt structure in the form of an octagon. Along the walls of the hallway were bronze cards engraved with the names of soldiers who died on duty. And the tradition of the people visiting this place is to bring poppies and place them in the crevices to commemorate.

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Australian National Botanic Garden

One of the highlights to prove that Canberra is a leading city in environmental protection activities, the Australian National Botanical Garden is the place to re-create life for hundreds of thousands of rare plants. The annual extinction is still going on. This place is like a small peaceful forest in the middle of the city, colorful by many kinds of trees and fruits.

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