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Breathtaking waterfalls all over the world

by Victoria

Are you overwhelmed with noisy, bustling city scene? Do you simply want to admire the magnificent and wild nature to “blow away” your soul? The beautiful waterfalls below introduced by WeTravelGuides will surely make you admire and wish to visit once to see it with your own eyes.

1. Niagara Falls (on the border of the United States and Canada)

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Niagara is formed from two parts: Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side and the American Falls on the American side – separated from an island. If you look at the Niagara Falls from Canada, you will see that it is more beautiful and majestic because Horseshoe Falls is about 2,600 feet wide while the US Falls is only 1060 feet wide. In the summer, about 2,832 m³ of water flows every second through the falls, of which up to 90% is through the Horseshoe Falls.

2. Gioc Village waterfall (Ban Gioc Falls)

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Ban Gioc waterfall is the fourth largest waterfall in the world among waterfalls located on the border between countries.

Ban Gioc is located on the border of Vietnam and China, falling at an altitude of 30 meters amidst wild mountains, forming a natural masterpiece like paradise on the ground.

3. Victoria Falls (border between Zambia and Zambabwe)

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Victoria Falls is located on the Zambezi River, on the border between Zambia and Zambabwe in southern Africa, about 1.7km wide and about 128m high. This waterfall makes a strong impression with the abyss which is a crack from which water will pour into. The waterfall was named by explorer David Livingstone in 1855, after the Queen Victoria of Great Britain.

4. Iguazu Falls (between Brazil and Argentina)

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Another great waterfall is located on the border of two countries. Iguazu Falls is located on the border line between Brazil and Argentina, the result of a volcanic eruption that left a large crack in the Earth’s surface.

Iguazu is not very tall (about 285 feet equivalent to 87m) but is extremely impressive because it has 275 baby falls, forming a horseshoe shape and stretching 8858 feet (about 2700m).

5. Plitvice Falls (Croatia)

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The water at the base of the waterfall is dark blue with a total of 16 large and small lakes forming a vast lagoon. Plitvice Falls is located in Plitvice National Park in southwestern Croatia.

The water in the lake center is always blue and green because there are a variety of minerals and microorganisms living in the foothills of Dinaric that run deep down to the bottom of the lake.

6. Gullfoss Falls (Iceland)

Gullfoss Waterfall | Iceland's Golden Circle | Arctic Adventures

Gullfoss is located in the deep canyon of the Hivita River, the fissure of canyon is obscured by the view, at first if you keep your eye at the same level with the waterfall surface, you just think it as an ordinary river, but when you come closer, you can see the cascading stream of the waterfall with masses of water falling into the rocky ravine.

7. Kaieteur Falls (Guyana)

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Kaieteur waterfall is 123 (226m) high in the world, but 19th in terms of water volume. This stunning waterfall is the largest waterfall located on the Potaro River in Guyana’s Kaietuer National Park.

Kaieteur is four times taller than the Niagara Falls and this is also the reason for the breathtaking majesty of this distant waterfall.

8. Angel Falls (Venezuela)

Angel Falls Facts and Information - Angel Falls Venezuela

With a height of 1070m, Angel is the tallest waterfall in the world, and also because of this great height that the water droplets have evaporated before having a “chance” to hit the bottom of the lake below.

When you look up from the bottom, you will not know where the waterfall is coming from. Unlike other waterfalls, Angel’s water does not come from melting ice or rivers and lakes upstream, but it comes from rain pouring directly down from giant tropical clouds.

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