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Brand new experiences in Taiwan you might never heard of

by Victoria

Combining the beautiful natural landscape with diverse and rich cuisine, Taiwan has recently become a magnet for tourists. In addition to popular destinations such as Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung … when traveling to Taiwan, there is also the opportunity to explore other beautiful places – where you can go “across the ocean” and enjoy stunning nature.

1. Go across the ocean 

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium – National Museum of Marine and Aquarium in Pingtung district – is the largest aquarium in Taiwan. With a unique appearance, the museum is like a ship across the ocean, divided into three different themed areas. During the path leading to the entrance of the museum with a length of up to nearly 100 meters, surrounded by thick and clear glass, visitors can watch the fish swarm or colorful coral reefs like walking in the middle ocean. 

Taiwan marine life is the “home” of marine species and flora in Taiwan’s lakes and rivers. The most prominent is the “miniature ocean” glass umbrella, 16m wide, 4m high for visitors to explore the world of extremely magical and novel marine life. The Coral Kingdom area displays coral reefs in different habitats, from shallow waters to deep oceans.

Applying the most modern technology in the museum, “Waters of the world” shows each stage of ocean formation. Tourists will be guided through phases, each sea around the world such as “ancient ocean”, “seaweed jungle”, “arctic sea”, “deep ocean” … to understand more about the vast oceanic world.

2. Taitung – a mystical gem

Endowed with a charming landscape by nature, Taitung is famous for its poetic beauty, with one side is consecutive mountains, the other is the immense sea. In the midst of that wonderful scenery, there is nothing more wonderful than being immersed in the warm water and enjoying the time of resting and relaxation at the Taitung Chihpen Century Resort. The melodious music of heaven, trees and calm sea will be the best gift for your vacation.

Travel here, do not miss the East Coast National Scenic Area with a 170km long sea road. Walking along the road, the sea appeared extremely beautiful. A blue color covers the space, mixed with clouds of sky and mountains. The rock rapids close to the shore are sometimes tinged with the white foam of each incoming wave.

3. Infatuated with the beauty of Taroko

It will be a pity if you ignore the beautiful natural scenery at Taroko National Park when traveling to Taiwan. Each season of the year, Taroko wears a new shirt that makes people fall in love.

In the Truku dialect, the name Taroko means “wonderful, beautiful”. Indeed, you will be overwhelmed by the scenery like an impressive water painting, a rich vegetation cover, and lush green trees covering the mountains. There are majestic green mountains above, and below there is a blue river flowing around. Research shows that one third of the plant species found in Taiwan are present in Taroko National Park.

And you will be even more overwhelmed if you stand at Cvae of Water Curtain (Xiulin). Made up of the meticulous design of nature, this is also the home of the swiftlets. Looking down from here, each rocky cliff now fits in the eye. The long view also only sees the magnificent natural mountains.

Under Taroko Gorge, slowly walk between the Shakadang Trail while enjoying the mysterious beauty of colorful rock formations created by the deposition of sediments, while feeling the fresh, pleasant space between mountains, grass and trees. The peaceful sound of water in your ears, the sound of the wind blowing through each canyon make you appreciate and admire. The more you go, the more you will be amazed by the greatness of the Creator. The more you explore, the more you will fall in love with a poetic, charming Taiwan.

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