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Bizarre fruits that popular in Peru

by Chloe

Peru is a country with a developed agriculture, famous for its high quality export products. The beautiful weather and mild climate have helped this place have unique fruits.

1. Aguaje

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This fruit is most commonly found in the Amazon region of Peru. The fruit size is about the size of one egg, surrounded by purple scales, and the inside is shiny orange-yellow. Aguaje berries contain a lot of nutrients with fatty acids and are high in vitamins A & C. This fruit is used to make juices, jams, ice creams, desserts or cocktails.

2. Lucuma

The astonishing and powerful properties of Peruvian Lucuma | Peru Info

Those who have tasted the Lucuma fruit – also known as a Peruvian chicken egg – are in love with it. The flavor of lucuma is a mix of caramel cream and pumpkin flavors but a little drier. Lucuma usually grows at an altitude of 1,000m – 2,400m, “the egg” is golden-green when ripe. The pulp is orange-yellow in color and in starch form. Lucuma is a fruit that has a very low shelf life after picking so it is rare to export to the outside unless it has been processed in powder form. Lucuma is often used to make cakes, cocktails, yogurt or pasta. In Vietnam is known as Le-Ki-ma.

3. Camu camu

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This is the most famous fruit of Peru. The red camu fruit (slightly cherry-like in size) contains an extremely high amount of Vitamin C. Imagine when the flavors of lemon, cherry and grapefruit blend together, it is the taste of the camu camu.

You can eat this exotic fruit by drinking it juice, turning it into jam or any kind of sauce you like or serving it as a dessert for a natural remedy.

4. Sauco

Baya de Sauco - 21 Beneficios Para La Salud Que No Conocías

Sauco is native to the Andes mountain. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. You will see Sauco often appear in Peruvian jams or cheesecake.

5. Tumbo

When talking about exotic fruits in Peru, it is a big mistake to not mention Tumbo. The Tumbo is a kind of fruit for those who have a passion for fruit. Tumbo shaped like a banana, inside yellow flesh and black seeds, surrounded by a thick golden crust as passionfruit. Usually Tumbo has a sour and acidic taste, so Peruvians rarely eat the fresh they use as juice or make jams, ice cream, sometimes replacing lemons in some dishes.

6. Chirimoya

Chirimoya (sometimes called as cherimoya) is known as Apple Custard in English. It is native to the Andes, heart-shaped, with a pod that varies from light green to dark green. The flesh of the fruit is white and creamy, a bit like the familiar custard fruit in Vietnam. Its flavor evokes a blend of peach, pineapple and banana. People often use Chirimoya in baked goods, mousse or sauces.

7. Aguaymanto

Surprisingly, the Aguaymanto fruit in Peru is the Golden Berry after the English name in North America, which grows at a great height and has been planted since the Inca civilization. The taste is sweet and pleasant, particularly rich in Vitamins A, B and C and is said to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. You can eat this fruit like a dessert, jam, put it in a cocktail or fish sauce.

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