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Beautiful winter photography spots in Russia

by Victoria

It is often said that Russia in winter brings a very strange beauty, everywhere covered in white snow, the scenery becomes shimmering like fairy paintings. In winter, Russia is very famous and makes many people wish to have a hand. It would be a waste if you miss the opportunity to live virtual in beautiful winter photography spots in Russia when you have the opportunity to come here this season. If you are looking for a beautiful Russian winter photo album, the following destinations will be a great suggestion for you.

 điểm chụp ảnh mùa đông đẹp ở Nga

Discover beautiful winter photography spots in Russia that make people sob

1. Red Square

This is one of the best spots for winter photography in Russia. In winter, Red Square is like changing clothes with splendid beauty like a fairyland in real life. The ancient buildings around Red Square such as the Kremlin, the history museum, the Lenin mausoleum of St. Basil’s … together with the white snow and shimmering lights have turned Red Square into a real studio. In winter, no matter where you stand in Red Square, you can capture breathtakingly beautiful pictures.

quảng trường đỏ điểm chụp ảnh mùa đông đẹp ở Nga

2. Bolshoi Theater

Not only a famous sightseeing spot in Moscow, but the Bolshoi Theater is also a favorite check-in spot for tourists. In particular, in the winter when the snow starts to fall, the ancient look of the song resonates with the white snowy sky, making this place an irresistible shimmering beauty. Many tourists have come to this place to take pictures of the beautiful winter as a souvenir.

nhà hát Bolshoi điểm chụp ảnh mùa đông đẹp ở Nga

3. Street corners in Moscow

In winter, the streets of Moscow become more romantic and sparkling than other times of the year. The bright lights, the beautiful tranquility and the white snow “rains” make the scene on each street become magical. This is also a beautiful winter photography spot in Russia that is loved by many visitors because each street corner has its own look and you are spoiled for posing to get the desired photos.

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4. Kolomenskoye Park

Kolomenskoye Park thought, but not an ideal virtual place in winter when there are only deciduous forests, it becomes one of the beautiful winter photography spots in Russia because when the snow is covered in white, the scenery in This has become strangely shimmering. Snow appears all over the space to create “fine” backgrounds, you can freely struggle in that pristine white color and take beautiful pictures that are mesmerizing.

Công viên Kolomenskoye chụp ảnh mùa đông đẹp ở Nga

5. Lake Baikal

The magical appearance of the world’s deepest freshwater lake Baikal in winter must have fascinated tourists many times in the winter because this is a familiar working place for photographers when winter comes. The surface of the lake is frozen with deep layers of air bubbles under the ice or natural cracks creating surreal beauty. “The blue eye of Siberia” is a beautiful winter photography destination in Russia that is loved by many tourists, this is also a super hot destination of the country of birch in winter.

Hồ Baikal chụp ảnh mùa đông đẹp ở Nga

6. Forests around Moscow

For many people, the place to feel most clearly the beauty of the land of birch when winter is the forests around the city. In this season, instead of the smooth, green or brilliant yellow appearance, are the spindly branches of the trees, alone in the ice and snow. But also the way that looks will make you feel most clearly the natural beauty of winter in Russia. Snow covered the treetops, the road, covered everything in pure white, so beautiful, you can freely have fun and capture beautiful pictures here without fear of the image being diluted due to overcrowd.

rừng ven moscow chụp ảnh mùa đông đẹp ở Nga

In addition to the above winter photography spots in Russia, you can also check-in at many other destinations. The winter scenery in Russia is as beautiful as a fairytale anywhere, so you can easily capture the best pictures. Therefore, try once to Russia in winter to immerse yourself in the magic beauty of winter, feel the numb cold and lull yourself in fairytale dreams.

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