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Be overwhelmed by the mystical architecture of the Baan Dam museum in Chiang Rai

by Victoria

Besides the Blue Wat Rong Seur Ten and Wat Rong Khun White Temple, the Baan Dam museum is also a unique work that visitors cannot miss when coming to Chiang Rai – Thailand.

About the Baan Dam museum

Located at No. 13, in the Nang Lae area, Muang district, Chiang Rai city, Thailand, the Baan Dam Museum – a museum of contemporary art by talented artist Thawan Dunchanee, has is an attractive destination for tourists when traveling to the land of Golden Temple.

kiến trúc bảo tàng Baan Dam

It is known that black is a favorite color of the designer – Mr. Thawan, also in Thai, “Baan” means home and “Dam” means black, so this work is also known as a very unique name is “Black House”. In addition, people also discovered many references to Buddhism spread throughout the house, so it is also known as “Black Temple”.

The mysterious architecture of the Baan Dam museum

Baan Dam is a 160,000 square meter complex with nearly 40 houses of different sizes and shapes, part of which is an art studio, part museum and part is the main residence of Thawan Duchanee when he doesn’t travel around the world.

các ngôi nhà tại bảo tàng Baan Dam

The design inspiration of this Black Temple comes from the architecture that built the traditional houses of northern Thailand in the ancient Lan Chang, Lanna and Suvarnabhumi period, combined with modern elements of horror, mystery. Therefore, it is both familiar, simple and gives viewers a slightly “creepy” feeling.

các họa tiết trang trí trên nhà ở bảo tàng Baan Dam

Although each work is an exquisitely carved work of art with beautiful patterns on teak wooden beams, trusses or columns and soft, graceful curves, don’t expect the Baan Dam museum It will give you a fuzzy and warm feeling inside, because it is designed with the intention to evoke scary feelings.

thiết kế hiện đại và truyền thống của bảo tàng Baan Dam

Excellent works are kept in the Baan Dam museum

The museum displays beautiful wood carvings and ornate stucco art works that conceal philosophy, with a quiet space where every footsteps and dark light can be clearly heard. feeling full of mystery, urging visitors to explore every corner of the room.

các tác phẩm bên trong bảo tàng Baan Dam

In addition, Baan Dam Chiang Rai also has more than 100 buffalo horns, tiger skin, snake skin, antlers, crocodile remains, large shells and animal bones … like a banquet table in the meeting of the devil, even lice, there are some structures that can only see through doors or windows, so if you are the faint of heart, this place is not for you.

da cá sấu - tác phẩm độc đáo tại bảo tàng Baan Dam

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