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Be enchanted by the traditional dishes of the Land of a Million Elephants – Laos

by Victoria

Experiencing dishes in Laos cuisine may not be for the faint of heart because there are many dishes such as fermented fish sauce, grilled insects or other animals’ raw meat will challenge your taste. first time tasting guests. But for traditional Lao dishes, it is in the top of the most tamed and gentle dishes that visitors can taste when traveling to Laos.

Fer and Kopiak

It can be said that Fer is the second version of the famous Vietnamese noodle dish. Fer is eaten with pork, herbs, mixed with a little chili sauce to increase the spicy taste and add green vegetables, cabbage, a little tofu on top. The special thing to say about this Fer is that before the Laos government implemented the policy of banning illegal drug circulation, cannabis was also one of the indispensable ingredients of Fer. In addition, Kopiak is a popular Lao soup with the main ingredient is rice noodles to add meat and garlic to create flavor.



The name Laap (sometimes transcribed as larb) is a traditional Lao culinary brand. This minced meat salad is made with raw or cooked beef, large meat or fish mixed with citrus fruit juice, adding a little chili, garlic, mint leaves and onions to add rich flavor. . The special thing is that Laap can be changed in ingredients, if you don’t have beef you can replace it with duck, buffalo, chicken or even mushrooms and tofu. This dish is very popular on the streets of Laos.


Grilled river fish

As a country without sea, but rivers, lakes and ponds here provide people with extremely rich sources of seafood. Grilled river fish dish is considered the national dish of the national soul of Laos. The fresh and delicious fish are skewered through a stick, covered with a layer of salt, stuffed with a little lemongrass and some other spices and then grilled over charcoal. This dish uses your hands to eat mainly, layers of crispy fragrant fish wrapped in lettuce leaves, dipped with a characteristic sauce. All have made a dish bearing the culture of Laos.


Spicy dipping sauce

Whether it’s a luxurious meal in a restaurant or a casual meal at a small street stalls, there is no dish that can lack the divine spicy sauce that makes the brand of Lao cuisine. This spicy sauce is a delicate blend of spicy from chili, strong garlic, aroma of Chinese leaves, sweet of sugar and mild sourness of lemon. Some sauces are made from fermented fish sauce, however, this sauce is not popular with foreign tourists because of its slightly “unpleasant” scent.


Black sticky rice

Laos is also a country with a lot of agricultural area, so food from rice is self-sufficient here. Rice is also considered the main dish in all the meals of the Lao people, including black sticky rice, which is very popular with visitors. Compared to white rice, black sticky rice is used in desserts. Here, Heineken Lao brewery used to make NamKhong Special beer line using the main ingredient of black sticky rice. You can find to enjoy this special beer at the restaurants or grocery stores of Vientiane.


Papaya salad

If you’ve ever been to Laos, you definitely cannot ignore this traditional papaya salad. Cut papaya pieces into long fibers mixed with chili, salt, and sugar to create flavor. Shrimp, tomatoes, eggplants and carrots are indispensable substitutes in this famous papaya salad. Different from Thailand’s papaya salad, Lao people will use a mortar and pestle to lightly pound the papaya fibers to help them absorb more spices, then eat with fermented fish sauce, pigtails or eggplant. Lao people also mix shrimp and crab meat in salads to create a dish with bold flavors of the countryside that cannot be found anywhere.


Mango sticky rice

Mango mango is an attractive dessert to eat after a spicy meal of the Lao people. Made with sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar, served with freshly ripe mango topped with aromatic sesame seeds. This dessert can also be made with black glutinous rice or a mixture of black and white rice to create an eye-catching purple mango sticky rice dessert.


Sai Oua Kuang

Sai Oua Kuang is a grilled sausage dish of Laos. Similar to sausages of other neighboring countries, Sai Oua Kuang of Laos has a combination of the main ingredient is minced pork, marinated with different spices such as lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal, a little more. Chili then stuffed into the pig’s heart was thin. Carving the roads of Luang Pha Bang, you will not be hard to find sausages hanging on the crossbar of a roadside trolley, with the aroma emanating from the sagging Sai Oua on top embers.


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