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Be amazed by the unique and interesting Malaysian culture

by Victoria

Malaysia not only attracts tourists by its mysterious, ancient beauty mixed with modernity, but also the beauty in Malaysian culture that attracts special attention of tourists.

It is a multi-religious country

Malaysia is a country with many religions and beliefs and also because of the richness that creates different cultural features for the people here. It is known that religion in Malaysia is largely Muslim, accounting for 61.3%, the remaining 19.8% are Buddhist and 9.2% are Christian. Because of the large number of people following Islam, it has a significant impact on Malaysian culture, from life, economy, education to politics. And especially, in Malaysia there is also its own Islamic Law, the Islamic court, and many other authorities dedicated to Islam.

Khám phá văn hóa Malaysia đặc sắc, thú vị

Malaysian communication culture

What is special about Malaysian culture? In terms of communication, each country will have its own unique culture and knowing the communication culture of Malaysia will help you easily immerse yourself in the life of the local people, as well as have many real experiences. practical, more interesting. According to Malaysian tourism experience, people here often greet each other with ‘Slaam’, which is similar to Arabs, but still has certain differences. For Malaysians they greet each other simply by stretching their hands and placing them on their chest.

Khám phá văn hóa Malaysia qua việc  chào hỏi, giao tiếp

For the Malays and Indians living here, when communicating you should not touch their heads with your hands. Because they think that the first is a sacred place, not a place to joke around.

Note: Muslims often abstain from skin contact, especially with the opposite sex. Therefore, if you communicate with Malaysian women you should not shake hands or hug, but let them take the initiative.

Punctual culture

Malaysian culture is always on time, the people here obey the time, they never get rubber, but often come 10-15 minutes before the appointment to prepare everything. Therefore, if you have an appointment with anyone in Malaysia, you should never let them wait.

Văn hóa đúng giờ - Cùng tìm hiểu văn hóa Malaysia

Besides, if you intend to visit someone’s family in Malaysia, you should call to inform the owner in advance. When you come home, you need to remove shoes at the door and always dress properly and politely.

Malaysian culinary culture

Discovering Malaysian cuisine is also a great experience indispensable when coming to this beautiful country. Because it is a multi-ethnic country, the dishes here carry flavors of many countries around the world. That has created the diversity, richness and forming a distinctive color in the cuisine here. And some of the most delicious dishes and famous specialties in Malaysia you should not miss are: Nasi Lemak, Nasi Campur, Roti Canai, Char Kuay Teow, Fujian noodle, Ikan Bakar,….

Khám phá văn hóa Malaysia thông qua nền ẩm thực

Malaysian costume

The majority of Malaysians are Muslim, so the style of clothing here is heavily influenced by Islam. This is evident through the casual and discreet dress style. However, being a multi-ethnic country, it is also difficult to avoid the influence of Malaysian culture by many neighboring countries, such as India and China. So on Tet holidays, they use colorful clothes and accessories.

Khám phá văn hóa Malaysia thông qua trang phục

Malaysian gift-giving culture

When you come to Malaysia, if you want to give gifts to someone, please focus on meaning rather than economic value. Because people here love souvenirs such as: Your country’s iconic products, quality pens,…. Do not give a gift of too much value, especially a gift higher than the gift they gave you. At the same time, when giving gifts, avoid wrapping gifts with blue, black and yellow paper, especially white. Because according to the conception of people here, the white color represents grief, death, not suitable for giving gifts.

Experience festival culture in Malaysia

If you want to explore Malaysian culture, do not miss the special traditional festivals here. By attending the festivals, you will be immersed in the lives of local people, learn more about interesting customs. And some of the biggest and most famous festivals in Malaysia are: Hari Raya Puasa Festival – Muslim festival, Awal Muharram festival, …

Tìm hiểu văn hóa Malaysia qua các lễ hội

Those are Malaysian cultures you must definitely learn before coming to this beautiful country. And hopefully with that knowledge you will have more interesting and engaging experiences.

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