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Arunachal Pradesh – A leap into the rich culture of the Indian state

by Victoria

Arunachal Pradesh is the largest state in northeastern India and one of the most beautiful in the country. Bang has many beautiful sights and places to visit. From wildlife spotting to participating in prayers in spiritual temples, there is a lot you can do in Arunachal Pradesh. In addition, the state is also known for its rich tribal culture and traditions.

Get to know the Tribes and Traditions of Arunachal Pradesh

There are about 26 tribes in Arunachal Pradesh with more than 100 sub-tribes. Among them, the main tribes are Adis, Apatanis, Buguns, Hrussos, Singphos, Mishmis, Monpas, Nyishis, Sherdukpens, Tagins, Khamtis, Wanchos, Noctes, Yobin, Khambas and Membas. However, the best way to learn more about each tribe is to join a tour where a guide will explain to you the origins and culture of each tribe. What is unique about these tribal people? In addition to being just excellent in their culture, these people excel in any skill such as basket making, weaving, forging, pottery, wood carving, painting and more.

The main tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and their Traditions

You must plan a tribal excursion while visiting Arunachal Pradesh and witness the different skills and importance of these tribes and their Traditions. Although it is not possible to list all tribes, we have listed some of the main tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.

– The tribe ‘Bugun’ is a gentle and hospitable tribe.

– The tribe ‘Hrusso’ has people focused on selling clothes and many other items.

– The ‘Singpho’ tribe consists of extraordinary blacksmiths and weavers.

Here are details about some of the main tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and more of their Traditions that visitors should know:

1. Monpa

Visit the westernmost part of Arunachal Pradesh if you want to socialize with the Monpas, the only nomadic tribe in northeastern India. These tribes are said to follow the Mahayana sect that they received from the Merak Lama. Hence, Tawang Monastery is the most important place to them and plays an important role in their daily lives. As a profession, they make scarves, rugs, paintings, masks, bags and many other things. Also, be prepared to learn ‘Monpa language’ from them, a blend of Dakpa and East Bodhish Tshangla.

2. Sherdukpen

The Sherdukpens are the most progressive tribe that can be found in Arunachal Pradesh. They were divided into two groups: upper class and lower class. Thongs are said to be upper class and their servants and porters are considered the lower class. These people seem to be proficient in agriculture, fishing and farming. The people of this tribe speak a Sherdukpen language which is very similar to Monpa language.

3. Nyishi

‘Nyishi’ means ‘civilized man’. The Nyishis are the most populous tribe of Arunachal Pradesh and live in the main part of the state. They specialize in the cultivation of foods such as rice, millet and cucumber. Their brand name is for the production of sugar cane wrists and lanyards for men’s long hair knots.

4. Adi

The ‘Adi’ tribe is one of the most prominent and organized of all tribes. Also, speaking of their dexterity, the Adi women are known for their extraordinary weaving skills. The Adis migrated to Arunachal Pradesh when Buddhism spread throughout Tibet in the 17th century. The Adis were famous wetland farmers and hunters.

5. Apatani

The people of the Apatani tribe are basically agricultural people. They seem to be good farmers not only cultivating wet surfaces but also cultivating on the terrace. UNESCO has even recognized that the Apatani valley deserves a World Heritage Site because of its ‘extreme productivity’ and ‘uniqueness’. The Apatani people are famous for their land use techniques and rich ecological knowledge. They also host some of the best festivals like Drii and Myoko. In addition to these, Apatanis is also known for making clothes and jewelry, bamboo and cane products, shawls, and more.

Festivals are organized by tribes

Celebration is the most admirable thing about the culture of Arunachal Pradesh. Each festival is celebrated in a way that represents their tradition and that is the way of life of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. With many different tribes you can expect a wide range of festivals in Arunachal Pradesh.

1. Torgya

Torgya is held on the 28th of the November of the lunar calendar. However, this festival is a three-day festival organized by Tawang Monastery, famous for its monastic dances called Cham. Zamcham, Graicham, Dungcham and Gayicham are some of the dances that will be performed during the festival depicting ancient tales of war.

2. Nyokum

The Nyishi tribe in Arunachal Pradesh celebrates Nyokum. This festival is held to pay homage to their gods and wish for a good harvest. If you are someone who wants to see the true beauty of the Nyishi tribe, join this festival. You will see lots of people dressed in brightly colored clothes and performing their beautiful tribal dances. It’s the celebration on February 26th and make sure you’re there, enjoy it with them.

3. Adi festival

The people of the Adi tribe are people of festivals and celebrations. Among all the festivals they celebrate, the most important are Aran, Solung and Etor.

– Solung is a five-day harvest festival held in September. A number of concerts including songs, dances and weapon performances will be held.

– The Etor is held in May and the men perform various war dances during the festival.

– Aran, observed in March, is one of the very famous festivals held by the Adi tribe.

4. Drii and Myoko

Apatani, one of the great tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, has two main festivals, the Drii and the Myoko. The Drii festival is held in July and involves sacrificing animals to the gods. And the Myoko Festival is a thriving festival held in March. Furthermore, their rituals included sacrificing chickens to the gods.

With such beautiful and profound impressions, it is difficult for anyone not to fall in love with their culture. It’s correct? People say, ‘Arunachal Pradesh is famous for their culture’. It’s great to see how the people of Arunachal Pradesh celebrate tribes and State Traditions. The state attracts thousands of visitors each year, not only because of the attractions but also because of the diversity of cultures it holds. So when are you planning to visit this beautiful state to experience and enjoy their cultural celebrations?

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