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Experience Lantern Festival in Hoi An Old Town

by Kelly
white and red paper lanterns
Hoi An Lantern Festival - Traditional Event in Hoi an - Vn Car Rentals

Date and Location

Hoi An's Full Moon Lantern Festival - Hidden Hoian

Hoi An Lantern Festival is celebrate on the 14th day of each lunar moon when the moon is at its fullest and brightest and takes places in the Hoi An Old Town, Quang Nam Province where colorful candlelit lanterns are. Much of the activities are centered at the An Hoi Bridge and along the banks of the Hoai River.

Normally, most vistors begin to gather in the Ancient Town as sunset begins, where they can have a dinner and relax having a drink even though the festival start at 9 p.m.

From 8 pm, all the buildings located within here start to illuminate the lantern outside their store.


Sitting on a boat and dropping a lantern

Hoi An Now | Festivals in Vietnam | Hoi An Lantern Festival

Drop your lanterns from the shore is always an interesting activity that most tourists choose. However, it would be a double feeling and much more amazing experience to try dropping lanterns from a boat. The boat you are sitting flow the river so that you drop lanterns and pray your wishes.

Take photos

Hoi An Lantern Festival, Hoi An Lantern Festival information : Hoi An Fun  Bike Tour

During the festival, much of restaurants, shops,… is lighted up a line of multi – color lanterns which make a illustrate moment. All you need is a camera and a pose, and then you have a “so -deep” image.

Have a meal

One of the most iconic dish in Hoi An Old Town is Cao Lau and Quang noodle.

Mì Quảng chuẩn vị miền Trung - Ngôi sao

Quang noodle is a dish made from rice flour and noodle has a white and golden. It is mixed with shrimp, local pork and vegetables, and topped with grilled rice paper and spices.

Cao lầu Bà Bé Hội An - Địa điểm không thể bỏ qua!

Cao Lau looks like noodle, but not. A bowl of Cao Lau is gathered by fresh greens, bean sprouts. The marinated char siu pork is fried made to cool, cut into thin slices and placed on the noodles. Then, a small amount of broth is poured over the contents of the bowl. Finally, the bowl is topped with the crispy squares and herbs, and served with herbs, lime and chili to taste.

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