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Admire the most unique pyramids in Teotihuacán – Mexico

by Victoria

Almost a year has passed since the world received the first Covid-19 infections originating in Wuhan, China. Every effort has been made to stop this strain in every country and region. Some countries have been initially successful and are ready to open their borders and operate normally again. Still, others faced outbreaks of cases, forcing the government to issue blockade orders across the nation’s territory, including the UK.

Lee J.Davis – a British citizen who decided to travel to Mexico during the UK’s lockdown – filmed videos of his journey in this beautiful country and posted it on his youtube channel. According to Davis: “When I heard it was lockdown in the UK, I didn’t think twice about leaving the country. When I heard Mexico was open on Tuesday, I booked my flight for Wednesday and was in Mexico by Thursday before England went into full lockdown. My first stop was Mexico City. Once I got settled in I took a day trip out with some friends and visited Teotihuacan.” Here is some of the footage he got on that day:

About 48 km northeast of Mexico City, Teotihuacan has one of the most special pyramids in Mexico that anyone visiting would be admired.

In the past, Teotihuacan was one of the largest central cities of the ancient world, remains a mystery to the experts in anthropology and archeology. The name Teotihuacan was given by the Aztecs after their pilgrimage to the area, and it means “Where the Gods are born”.

Coming to Teotihuacan, visitors should visit 3 main pyramids: the pyramid of the Moon, the pyramid of the Sun and the Temple of the Snake. To reach these areas, visitors must pass through Avenue of the Death (more than 3.2 km long, running along the North – South axis of the city).

Phát hiện tình cờ cho thấy khu kim tự tháp Teotihuacan là một cơ sở năng  lượng - Trí Thức VN
The pyramid of the Moon

At the end of Death Avenue to the north is the pyramid of the Moon, built between the years 1-350 AD. The pyramid of the Moon is 46 m high, the foundation is 168 m long, 149 m long. The steps of the pyramid used to be the site of sacred rituals. Tombs found here show many signs of worship with scenes of people and animals, worshiping objects and beautiful rocks.

A Secret Tunnel Found in Mexico May Finally Solve the Mysteries of  Teotihuacán | History | Smithsonian Magazine

Meanwhile, the Pyramid of the Sun is about 0.8km south of the pyramid of the Moon, and was built around AD 200. With a height of over 63 m, and a length and length of the foundation more than 225 m, this pyramid is one of the largest structures built in the Pre-Columbia New World.

In 1971, an archeology team discovered a tunnel under the pyramid of the Sun, with the entrance near Death Avenue. Continuing into the depths, they discovered the tunnel ended up in a room with 4-leaf grass. However, this room has been looted from time immemorial, and it is probably used in some special ritual.

Temple of Quetzalcoatl (Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl, Temple of the  Feathered-Serpent); Ciudadela (Citadel) | University of Utah Partnerships |  J. Willard Marriott Digital Library

The Snake Temple is located south of the pyramid of the Sun, also known as the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl. Snake Temple has 6 steps, next to 2 double apartments, which can be the residence of important people in the area. Snake Temple was completed around the 3rd century AD.


Besides, visitors also have many opportunities to admire masterpieces of art – beautifully decorated pictures on the walls of the pyramid in Teotihuacan. Those are colorful murals on some prominent topics like birds, leopards, wolves, owls and snakes …

Before you start this journey, remember to prepare the essentials such as good walking shoes, water bottles and your health gear like masks and hand-sanitizer.

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