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A trip to Strobl, Austria – Tales around the mystical Lake Wolfgang

by Victoria

Lake Wolfgang is located mostly in the state of Salzburg, Austria and is one of the most famous lakes in the Salzkammergut resort area. The municipalities on its shores are Strobl, St. Gilgen with the villages of Abersee and Ried as well as the market town of St. Wolfgang in Upper Austrian State. 

The beautiful village of Strobl

Strobl is located on the southern bank of Lake Wolfgang in Salzkammergut so you can drive from Salzburg in less than an hour. Alternatively, a public bus is an easy and efficient option. But a car is recommended to explore the surrounding countryside.

Strobl is one of the hidden gems of Lake Wolfgang. After enjoying relaxing days on natural beaches, immersed in the tranquility of the lake, explore some cultural attractions and go hiking on green meadows.

The village presents a fascinating blend of old and new. Walk past charming quaint country houses and neo-art mansions, located next to luxurious modern hotels. While other quaint lakeside villages like St. Wolfgang and St. Gilgen receive more visitors, Strobl still tries to keep the quiet atmosphere.

Take a closer look at this area’s past at the Local History Museum or Lipphaus Abersee. This lovely little folk museum is located on the Breitenbachbauer ranch and dates back to around 1500. Lipphaus was inhabited until 1977 when it was converted into a local folk museum.

Immerse yourself in the village’s artistic atmosphere with a visit to Deutsch Villa, an art hub with an impressive collection of contemporary art. Surrounded by a large parkland, the Tuscany-style mansion where it currently resides since 1896. The building was a summer residence for nobles and a training school owned by the government before closing and takes the role as a museum.

There are many opportunities for outdoor adventures in the vicinity of Strobl. Hike on the Postalm mountain grassland, the largest in Austria and often considered one of the most beautiful highlands of the Eastern Alps. Try fishing in the crystal clear waters of the lake or start on a traditional boat to explore the neighboring villages.

If you visit during the winter months then enjoy the festive feeling at Strobl’s Christmas market and celebration. For some year-round entertainment, head to Laimeralm, an original 17th-century alpine hut, enjoy a meal, a few drinks and some live Austrian folk music.

Tales around the mystical Lake Wolfgang

The Lake Wolfgang is dominated by Mount Schafberg 1783m high on its northern coast. At the top of the mountain you’ll find Austria’s oldest mountain inn, a restaurant and spectacular views of the mountains and Mondsee, Attersee and of course Lake Wolfgang. A cute historic steam train runs to the top in summer, across lush fields and through dark forests.

Meet Dorli, a 31-year-old video creator and blogger from Austria. “I love all kinds of animals -especially my pug Candy-, traveling, cultures, adventures – everything about our amazing mother nature. Filmmaking is my hobby and I love to share my joyful adventures to make people happy.

I’m a native German speaker. One day on my last adventure, I fell in love with the beautiful English language. And my journey began to speak two languages ​​fluently someday. I have to study and to improve my pronunciation. And I thought, why not on YouTube ?! All my videos are available in English with subtitles, translated by myself. Nothing is perfect, but with happy moments and a smile everything is better.

So here I am “Dorli” with my channel “Dorli`s Happiness”. ADVENTURES, ENTERTAINMENT & NATURE fully loaded with positive vibes. :)” – She said.

Dorli also posted a video of her wonderful trip at Lake Wolfgang on youtube, and she generously shared some interesting facts about this place with us.

“My video “AUTUMN IN STROBL | TALES AROUND THE MYSTICAL LAKE WOLFGANG ”is filmed in Strobl, this place is on the eastern side of the lake Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut resort region in my beautiful hometown Austria.  It was totally cloudy and I thought it is the perfect time for a trip to a lovely hotel in this region and the perfect weather for a hike with history. So I found some interesting stories and facts on my research.

Super interesting is the name Strobl – the meaning is originally “scrubby” or “unkempt”. This town’s name goes back to the 14th century to a man who’s lived here. And this “scrubby” man is famous till now. He is still on the emblem of the town and also you will find a statue directly in Strobl next to the church. Mr. Strobl is also the idol from the world famous German children’s tale book from 1845 by Heinrich Hoffmann named “Struwwelpeter” or “Shaggy Peter” – maybe that name is more common in English speaking countries. 

Also amazing is the lake Wolfgang themself. This lake stretches about 10.5 kilometers from the northwest to the southeast and the deepest point is 114 m. It is one of the largest lakes in Austria. It’s wonderful to take a walk around the lake Wolfgang. Or you cruise with the paddle wheel steamer between the towns of St. Wolfgang and St. Gilgen to enjoy the fabulous landscape there. Ferries have been running on lake Wolfgang since imperial times. The first one was the nostalgic paddle steamer “Kaiser Franz Josef I.” . It was launched in 1873!

It is fascinating to enjoy so much history in this region. But for my hike there I was looking for a very magical one and so I found that one “The Plombergstein and his brothers”…

Three brothers should look to marry a princess for the most beautiful place in the world and they looked in particular in this region.

The brothers arrived at the lake Wolfgang from Salzburg to look for the most beautiful place on earth. Only the one who finds this place may ask for the princess’s hand. As they saw the lake Wolfgang for the first time, they froze in delight at the loveliness of the country and were turned into stone.

Today you will find the three brothers turned into stone as Plombergstein, Obenauerstein & Mittersteig.

I’ve done a hike at the Plombergstein, he is the most famous one and is already mentioned in documents from 1571. And in my video you’ll see why. If you take a look from up there, you can immediately feel like the brothers felt in this beautiful saga.

Have fun watching my video!” 

Thanks Dorli for the amazing photos and writing on this experience with us. If you like this video of her, don’t forget to subscribe her youtube channel and give her a thumbs up after watching. You can also read more articles of Dorli at her website www.dorisglueck.com. And forget to share your trips with us via info@wetravelguides.com, or our Facebook / Twitter.

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