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A cozy winter with the famous Swiss Fondue cheese hotpot

by Victoria

Switzerland is a cheese paradise, so they also know how to take advantage of them to create interesting delicacies, such as the Fondue cheese hotpot.

Fondue cheese hotpot development history

Fondue cheese hotpot or cheese sauce is a traditional dish originating from the Alps, mainly in and around Valais, Switzerland. However, the dish’s earliest known recipe comes from a 1699 book published in Zurich under the name “Käss mit Wein zu kochen” or “cheese with wine”.

món lẩu phô mai Fondue - món ăn nổi tiếng của Thụy Sĩ

By 1875, the most standard recipe of the modern Fondue cheese hotpot was born, and from 1930 onwards, it was honored by the Swiss Cheese Federation as a national dish of Switzerland to promote consumption. .

And this method really works very well, because by 1960, Cheese Fondue has started to be popular in the US, then France, Italy and many other European countries. Even today it is considered one of the most famous winter dishes in the world.

Enjoy Fondue cheese hotpot

Fondue cheese hotpot is eaten by taking a long stainless steel skewer into a piece of bread, then swirling it into the pot for cheese to cover and put it in your mouth. However, gourmets recommend that the fork is only used to transport food from the pot to the plate of one person, not eating it directly, as it is quite hot and unhygienic when eaten in large numbers. again.

xiên đồ ăn rồi nhúng vào phô mai - cách ăn lẩu phô mai Fondue

The rich taste of cheese, mixed with the sweetness of meat, the crispness of the bread or the freshness of apples and green vegetables, will surely make you fall in love from the very first taste.

Besides, there are different recommendations for the selection of drinks that go with La Fondue: some say white wine, others designate black tea, but wine makes up the most choices, as it is believed to aid in better digestion.

rượu - đồ uống kèm với lẩu phô mai Fondue

Indeed, alcohol can provide short-term pain relief, but overall, it slows down the emptying of the stomach and prolongs a slow, strong feeling of fullness after eating the sauce, thereby slowing the feeling of fat, makes the eater feel better.

Variants of Fondue cheese hot pot

1. Hotpot broth

Fondue chinoise (Chinese Sauce) is the common name for a hotpot, in which meat and vegetables are cooked in a pot of bone-rich broth, or dipped thinly sliced ​​meat and vegetables into a pot of boiling broth. In addition, when eating this dish, there will be a variety of sauces and dipping spices provided on the side to dab the ingredients for more deliciousness.

lẩu nước dùng - biến thể của lẩu phô mai Fondue

2. Chocolate Sauce

This is the most unique remake of the Fondue cheese sauce, as the toppings are full of sweets such as fresh cakes or fruit, the molten chocolate sauce usually has the flavor of rum or kirschwasser. .

Besides, dessert sauce can also be made with coconut, honey, caramel or marshmallow depending on your preference, rest assured that all are delicious and impressive.

lẩu sô cô la - biến thể của lẩu phô mai Fondue

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