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9 famous cafe streets in Seoul are recommended by many people

by Victoria

South Korea is a country that also loves coffee. That’s why in some famous areas there are streets called Cafe Street (카페 러기), which are exclusively caffeine-only. Seoul is a “cafe paradise” with hundreds of shops. Some offer the ability to dress up a Korean princess or lady from the 1930s, while others focus on specialty drinks and unique interiors. Most of them have aesthetic interiors, ideal for young people to date, gather with friends and take pictures to check in Instagram. Learn where to go to find great cafe streets in Seoul.

It’s not always easy to find all sorts of interesting cafes if you have a limited travel time. However, going to the famous cafe streets in Seoul below, you will definitely find more than one coffee shop that suits your taste when coming to Korea.

1. Gangnam station cafe street

Since the area near Gangnam Station is a transportation hub with tons of buses, it is one of the most popular places to meet and hang out for all. Until a few years ago, it used to be a strict bar and restaurant, but with the construction of Sinnonhyeon Station on Line 9, a cafe street was finally in full bloom at this bustling fun spot.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - khu Gangnam

There are countless cafes in the Korean Gangnam district. Many shops are located in all 3 – 4 storey buildings dedicated to the art of drinking coffee, almost unprecedented in Korea. The famous cafes that many people love to visit can refer to such as: Coffee Gallery, Healing616, Banana & Co. Besides cafes, if you are looking for American-style Pizza, come enjoy the super delicious Brick Oven Pizzeria.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - cafe hiện đại ở Gangnam

2. Hongdae cafe street

Hongdae is Seoul’s number one area for artists, musicians, designers and creative artists. And of course that means it has one of the most crowded cafes in Seoul. You can also stare out the window in a Korean drama-style dream about your favorite guy at the cafes of your choice in Hongdae.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - phố Hongdae

And you certainly have a lot to choose from. Coming here to visit, have fun there are actually some famous cafe streets in Seoul with lots of great space, delicious coffee and specialties so you can bury yourself all day in it. The famous cafes are highly appreciated such as: aA Design Museum, Coffee Lab, 5 Extracts, Cafe Ttoma, CacaoBoom, …

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - aA Design Museum Hongdae

3. Itaewon cafe street

This is a really interesting neighborhood, with countless streets behind it filled with antique and second-hand shops. Then go out to a bustling high-end neighborhood, the right place for street food. Although it is a small street, it is also a famous place to enjoy coffee. Some suggested addresses:

  • Plant: the place to find healthy, plant-based foods. The shop is a super cute place filled with trees and delicious food. Prices start at £ 8, open daily, Sunday 11am – 10pm.

Address: 2 floors, 117 Bogwang-ro

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - khu phố Itaewon
  • Humbolt: a little further away from Plant, it’s like going back in time to Paris here with a slightly Art Deco feel and Matisse prints. This is truly a place to explore in the Itaewon Seoul neighborhood, open daily from 9am – 6pm.

Address: Bogwang-ro

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - cafe phố Itaewon

4. eongsu-dong cafe street

Korea has turned this old place into stunning art galleries, cafes and shops. This street is also known as the Brooklyn of Seoul. Seongsudong Cafe Street has a traditional industrial vibe with bright enthusiasm that is bright enough to capture the eyes of young people. Luxurious art galleries and elegant cafes give this street a wonderful blend of adventurous and trendy looks.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - phố Seongsudong

Close to this famous cafe street in Seoul there are a number of restaurants and jazz bars, as well as comfortable rooms suitable for all tourists. These facilities give tourists a relaxing time at night. If you enjoy picnicking, Seoul Forest is a suitable place for you within walking distance from Seongsude cafe street. Favorite places to mention:

  • Baesan Warehouse Café: this is a giant warehouse cafe. Here you can sit together in a cool cafe and a contemporary art gallery. Open daily from 11am to 11pm.

Address: 78 Seongsui-ro, Seongsu-ga, Seongdong-gu

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - quán ở Seongsudong
  • Urban Source: loved for its cute little inner courtyard and rustic interior. However, prices are a bit high for a meal of around £ 15 per person and are open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Address: 9 Yeonmujang-gil, Seongsu-ga.

  • Daelim Changgo CO: It’s a huge empty warehouse with all the industrial equipment, sturdy installations and a small showroom in the front, which also has great pizza. Come here if you love Brooklyn, it’s open daily from 11am to 11pm.

Address: 78 Seongsui-ro, Seongsu-ga, Seongdong-gu.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - Daelim Changgo CO Seongdong-gu

5. Samcheon-dong cafe street

Samcheong-dong is a trendy area of ​​cafes, restaurants and shops, located in the Bukchon area of ​​Seoul, to the east of Gyeongbokgung Palace. One of Seoul’s famous streets, especially attractive European-style cafes, very trendy decorative boutiques and luxury galleries along the serene streets.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - Samcheondong

In Samcheong-dong, there are many traditional Korean or hanok houses, many of which have been turned into cafes, restaurants and pubs, offering visitors a tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere different from other busy streets of Seoul. Some places have rooftop seating where you can look down on the charming and modern traditional Samcheong-dong.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - Samcheondong hanok

6. Buamdong cafe street

All the previous cafe streets were popular tourist stops with crowds on weekends, on par with Jay Park’s concert in the middle of Singapore’s youth mall. But Buamdong is one of the hot cafes that not too many tourists know. It is located in a quiet residential area between Inwang Mountain and Bugak and that is why it is the famous cafe street in Seoul Korea for its unique combination of nature and coffee.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - bình yên ở Buamdong

In addition, this is also an ideal street for art lovers as many residents of Buam-dong are artists. And like most artists around the world, many people do not use art as their primary source of income. Many people tend to make a living by selling coffee to you in lovely little cafes with their own unique art.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - khu Buamdong

7. Bangbae-dong cafe street

Bangbae-dong is one of the most famous cafe streets in Seoul. This street has been crowded since the 80s when Koreans, mostly students, often come here for dinner. By the 1990s, Bangbae-dong was becoming more and more exciting because a large number of tourists from all over the world wanted to learn about Korean culture about coffee and needed a place to peacefully enjoy the beauty of coffee.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - phố Bangbae-dong

According to some locals, in the past, because there was no subway system built here in Seoul, so often traffic congestion occurred. During rush hour, while traffic is heavy, Bangbae-dong street reluctantly becomes a shortcut. In addition, the driver also chose this place to rest due to the quietness. Catching the trend, many cafes have opened to serve mainly for drivers. With the presence of several cafes lying close together, gradually Bangbae-dong became known by many people as “cafe street”.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - phố Bangbae-dong sầm uất

Later, when the subway system came into operation, the traffic situation in Seoul has improved significantly. Among the famous cafe streets in Seoul this place is quieter. Some stores eventually transformed into restaurants or supermarkets to serve a wider range of customers. Although the density of the cafes is not as dense as before, but with its own special features, Bangbae-dong is still an ideal tourist destination for everyone.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - phố Bangbae-dong

8. Garosu Café Street

Upon arriving at Garosu, you will be immediately impressed by the lush green space created by shady trees along the road. Especially in the fall, the yellowing ginkgo trees make Garosu suddenly become more romantic than ever. Garosu is about half a kilometer long, near Sinsa-dong and Apgujeong-dong. In addition to luxury restaurants, antique shops, bookstores … this is the gathering place of many sparkling cafes.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - phố Garosu rợp mát

Most of the cafes there are designed in a cozy style. On a winter day, sitting in a small corner near the window of any cafe on Garosu Road and sipping a cup of coffee makes you feel incredibly warm. Besides indoor cafes, Garosu also stands out for its Western-style outdoor cafes. That is why people often compare Garosu with famous European cities such as ancient Rome or magnificent Paris.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - phố Garosu châu Âu

9. Hapjeong Street

Hapjeong is one of the most exotic areas of Seoul. With special cultural elements imported from abroad for centuries, this place has become the must-visit destination for those who want to learn about the post-war recovery and historical transformation of Seoul. . Besides the historical sites, Hapjeong also attracts tourists with the coffee street No. 6 Yanghwaro. Most of the shops here are completely independent, not belong to any chain or brand, and each has its own style.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - check in khu Hapjeong
con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - Urban Hapjeong

For example, on this famous cafe street in Seoul, when at Jaulgeowoon Book Café – a cafe located on the second floor of a small house, you can enjoy hot milk coffee with soft chocolate cake. Books or music by the Swedish pop music Shoegazer are also featured in this store. Go to the end of the path, you will see a gray building named In The Paper. This is a combination of cafes and galleries, shops, classrooms and studios. Coming to The Paper, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Korea’s famous traditional paper-making art.

con phố cafe nổi tiếng ở Seoul - khu Hapjeong

Visiting the famous cafe streets is considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you must definitely try if you come to the land of Kimchi – Korea. Especially in Seoul, where everything from cultural interference, vibrant arts and people are concentrated.

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