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9 attractive street food in Hong Kong that you definitely have to try

by Victoria

Street food is closely linked to Hong Kong’s history and development, making it very popular and affordable for working people. When you come here, do not miss these street food in Hong Kong!

From the beginning of the 19th century, small food stalls selling street food in Hong Kong began to appear and quickly became popular to cater to low-income workers. Appearing with the history of this land so it contains the quintessence of long-standing culinary and street food stalls known as Dai Dai Pai Dong in Hong Kong.

Các món ăn đường phố ở Hong Kong được bán trong những Dai Pai Dong

Dai Pai Dong continued to grow, after which many vendors gathered together at local markets instead of selling food individually so you can find them in traditional markets. Dai Pai Dong has survived until now thanks to its unique place in the hearts of the local people. Therefore, it is not surprising that tourists who come here love to experience street food in Hong Kong.

Siu Mai – Hong Kong street food you must try

Siu Mai, or steamed dumplings, is one of the most popular street food in Hong Kong. Almost every corner of the city you can find a stall selling these delicious steamed dumplings with some chili oil and soy sauce. While there are many versions of this dish everywhere, the traditional Cantonese version of Hong Kong is made from fish, meat, ground pork, black mushrooms, scallions and ginger wrapped in a dough. The delicious yellow noodles are the most popular. Siu Mai is said to be Hon Kong’s favorite dim sum and is an essential part of the street food journey.

Siu mai là món ăn đường phố ở Hong Kong bạn nhất định phải thử

Gaa Lei Yu Dan – fishballs

Originating from Chaozhou and Fujian provinces, fish ball has been a popular dish in southern China since the Qing Dynasty. At first, the fish ball in Hong Kong closely resembled the Chaozhou style (white and boiled), then the people of Hong Kong added their own method by frying the fish balls until they turned golden. Fishballs are made from freshly ground fishmeal, the finest fish balls are beaten by hand, instead of machine-made to ensure a smooth, spongy texture. A spicy curry sauce enhances your taste buds and is skewered on a small stick. Perhaps this is Hong Kong’s most popular street food.

Món cá viên chiên Hong Kong

Bo Lo Bao – Hong Kong Pineapple Cake

An iconic Hong Kong snack is Bo Lo Bao (pineapple cake) which is a soft flour bread with a crisp, smooth and sugary crust on top of which there is absolutely no pineapple in it. . It is called this because it resembles the image of a pineapple and is usually served with a thick slice of butter sandwiched in the center of the cake. When enjoying this Hong Kong street food you will really love it if you are a fan of sweet food.

Bánh dứa Hong Kong

Dan Tat – scrambled egg tarts

It is a joy when you pass a bakery and smell the aroma of freshly baked custard. While there is a lot of debate about the origin of the custard, one opinion is that it was brought in in the 1940s from Macau, which was once a Portuguese colony. Over time, they are popularized by local diners and eventually traditional bakeries like the famous Tai Cheong Bakery. These days, custard has become the perfect dish for afternoon tea but it is also eaten a lot throughout the day, not just sold in the afternoon. When you travel to Hong Kong you can see a queue to buy these cakes at traditional shops and they usually run out within hours after the sale starts.

Món bánh trứng nướng của Hong Kong

Gai Dan Jai – egg pancakes

Gai Dan Jai, egg pancakes are an indispensable part in Hong Kong. It’s made of eggs, sugar and flour, these shiny golden cakes closely resemble Western-style pancakes but they are shaped with small balls of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Behind the cake’s honeycomb-like structure is an interesting story. A Hong Kong grocery store received a shipment of broken eggs that couldn’t be sold but the owner decided to experiment with it instead of throwing it away. He put the eggs in a mixture of sugar, flour and milk and poured them into a mold shaped like a honeycomb and the legendary egg pancake was born. Today, egg pancakes can be served with sauces like chocolate, strawberry, matcha and coconut.

Bánh kếp trứng Hong Kong

Cau Dou Fu – stinky tofu

True to its name, Cau Dou Fu – stinky tofu has a pungent smell that scares many people, but if you try these crispy tofu really has a mild and pleasant taste. The stench is the result of a mixture of fermented milk, fish, and meat. When eaten with sweet chili sauce, trying stinky tofu is sure to be an unforgettable dish.

Đậu phụ thối là món ăn bạn nên thử một lần

Hong Kong French toast

Below is an example of international cuisine modified for local flavors in Hong Kong. Hong Kong French toast is a different Hong Kong street food because it is crispy, not fried. Popularly found in local Hong Kong-style cafes, this unique dish features two thick slices of egg-covered bread, between two slices of crispy bread, usually a piece of peanut butter. To enhance the deliciousness of the dish, the toast is also covered with butter and served with maple syrup on the side or spread on top. Innovative and delicious, the Hong Kong French toast is a perfect product of Hong Kong’s culinary cultural mix.

Bánh mì nướng kiểu Pháp Hong Kong

Ja Zu Da Cheung – grilled intestine dish

Crunchy on the outside, juicy and chewy on the inside, Ja Zu Da Cheung is a snack that has a unique taste in Hong Kong street food. For those concerned about food hygiene, you need to know that the intestines are strictly cleaned, soaked in hot water and then stewed or sautéed with scallions before skewering on sticks for baking. A little scoop of mustard and a sweet sauce can become a favorite part of your Hong Kong street food adventure.

Món lòng nướng ở Hong Kong

Wun Jai Ci

Wun Jai Ci, the shark fin soup is a friendly alternative to the traditional shark fin soup. This version is made with vermicelli, mushrooms, eggs and sliced ​​pork. Today, it continues to be a winter staple in Hong Kong without breaking any moral boundaries.

Súp làm giả sụn vi cá mập

Street food in Hong Kong is very diverse and rich, suitable for most people and visitors to save you money on your trip and enjoy the culinary quintessence of Hong Kong at the same time. simple way! Let’s go to discover Hong Kong right now!

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