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8 attractive but little-known destinations on Boracay Island

by Victoria

Still knowing that Boracay is the tourist paradise of the Philippines, crowded with tourists makes it difficult for you to find your own virtual lifestyle. However, if you take a closer look, you can still visit tourist destinations in Boracay that are little-known but especially interesting!

Baling Hai Resort

This rather secluded resort creates the perfect balance between comfort and the surrounding space, as it was created to separate from the rest of the resorts along White Beach. This resort was built out of cliffs in the 80’s and has its own distinct prerogative with a private cove on the north side of Boracay Island. Tourists from White Beach will not come to this place because it owns a private beach. You can bathe in the nearby clear beach, surf, swim, watch birds … or simply enjoy the private space away from the bustle of White Beach.

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Sunken Forest (Dead Forest)

Sunken Forest – This tourist destination in Boracay is like an anomaly in the playful and colorful atmosphere of the island of Boracay. As the name suggests, this forest was once a mangrove forest known as bakawan. But something happened to the ecosystem around the area, as the impact of the nearby dam ruptured, causing the saltwater to flow in and the mangroves all dead, now remaining only Root on calm water. The best thing to do on this short trip hear a local’s story telling you about Dead Forest. They believe that this place is the meeting place of goblins, ghosts and demons during the full moon!

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Crystal Cove

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Just a few minutes away from the busy beaches of Boracay, you will reach Crystal Cove – a tourist attraction in Boracay. Boasting equally unspoiled beaches and stunning sea views, the area has a wide range of attractions. You can walk along the interconnecting roads that will lead you to different areas of this 2-hectare island. And as its name suggests, there are 3 coves you can explore, each made up of different rocks due to the blending of the earth’s natural elements. Here you can explore the beach and coves, snorkel, picnic, visit hiking trails.

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Bat Cave

If you want something a little more fun than skydiving and beach jumping, try the infamous bat caves in Boracay! A boat will take you across the water through caves of fruit bats

Going to the cave is an adventure that not everyone will find fascinating because going into the caves to see nocturnal creatures with wings hanging on the roof of the cave can be frightening for many. This adventure is not for the faint of heart, but it is something adventurers should not miss. There are trails in the cave, however, but you’ll need a guide to get in and out of the cave safely.

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Ilig-Iligan beach

In addition, Ilig-Iligan beach is also a tourist destination in Boracay instead of White Beach. This rather secluded beach is located on the northeast side of the island, and is considered one of the quieter beaches of Boracay. This is a great place for you to get a quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of White Beach. You can even choose to stay here for your entire stay by choosing one of the two smaller resorts here. Although the beaches here are not as white as the main beach of the island, the area still has white sand and offers tranquility that is not possible on White Beach.

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Carabao Island

Quieter than Boracay, Carabao Island has some clear blue waters with white sand beaches. Carabao Island is a secret escape that will fascinate all your senses! If you are looking for a beach that is not too busy like Boracay, but still has a sandy paradise, then this island is the place to go. The activities you can enjoy on this island include some popular activities that you can also enjoy in Boracay, namely kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and caving. If you enjoy camping, you can set up a tent on the beach and stay there without having to rent a room for your stay. Staying here instead of the bustling Boracay will give you a comfortable, rustic and slow vacation. You don’t have to worry about food here as there are a few eateries that cater to tourists and local visitors.

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Hurom cold spring

Located in the heart of Aklan province, away from the party scene of Boracay Island is the cold spring of Hurom Hurom, a side trip for those who need to refresh themselves after a long hot day by the beach! This cold spring’s main swimming pool is a basin that comes directly from a mountain stream. It’s no surprise that the water here is so cool.

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Diniwid beach

If Carabao Island is a quieter version of Boracay Island, this tourist destination in Boracay is a quieter version of the bustling White Beach. This isn’t a well-known beach for tourists, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit. It’s quieter, it has clear blue water and white sand, and you can relax without too many visitors coming here.

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