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5 exotic but amazing Indian food combo totally worth a try

by Victoria

New food combos are sometimes invented because of necessity. And other times are invented just to try something interesting. Either way, there are more dishes to try, so who’s complaining right? From Chocolate Samosa Pav, Butter Chicken Pizza to Chinese Bhel, we have come across various food combinations across India. But cross the line and show you more. So here are 5 weird but great food combos in India that are absolutely worth trying.

1. Chocolate Khakhras

Khakhras are very delicious! Breaking a crisp khakhra and devouring it with a cup of hot tea will make your evenings come true. And when you combine your khahras with pickles and chili sauce, it takes on a whole new level. But have you ever tried Chocolate Khakhras? It’s good old Gujju khakhra with a sweet twist. Brown Khakhras with a sweet chocolate flavor will delight the sitter and make you ask for more.

2. Vodka Pani Puri

We often hesitate to try new food combos, but if there’s alcohol in it, then bring it along. Our favorite street food, pani puri is a little boozy and it’s Vodka Pani Puri. You will find a number of pubs and bars that serve Vodka Pani Puri. Without a doubt, it’s a great snack to eat with your group. Call for the shot and say bhaiya ek aur, and he gets another shot of vodka. So congratulations everyone! This is one of the craziest Pani puri varieties in India.

3. Vada Pav ice cream

Good’ol vada pav, has a new sweet version in the town, and that’s the Ice Cream Vada Pav. A supplier in Gujarat recently started selling Vada Pav Ice Cream. First he poured a lot of sugar syrup inside the stall. And then stuff it with a scoop of ice cream instead of vada. He adorned his dish with a fruit tutti. Well, you want to try Ice Cream Vada Pav, where a scoop of ice cream is an alternative to aloo vada?

4. Schezwan Dosa

The taste of chatpata schezwan is great in just about anything, and yes even in dosa. If you can have schezwan maggi then why not schezwan dosa correct! And you can try this bizarre but delicious combination that is full of street food all over India. Savor a taste of Chinese schezwan in South Indian favorite dosa. It’s crunchy on the outside and spicy on the inside. If you get bored with regular dosa, give this one a try.

5. Chocolate Sandwich

Can chocolate and sandwich go together! Yes, they can. Actually, I would go one step further and say that the chocolate cheese sandwich is even better. The molten chocolate sandwiched between two slices of bread, topped with grated cheese was super delicious. At Mumbai’s Subhash’s Chocolate Sandwich At Matunga, you can enjoy delicious Chocolate Sandwiches. In Bangalore, you can head to the Hari Super Sandwich to enjoy their dessert, Chocolate Cheese Sandwich. This is a must try food combo, especially if you’re a sweet tooth.

Now that we’ve told you about these weird but amazing food combos, make sure you try them out. And especially take notes if you want to go one step ahead and recommend them to your loved ones.

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